one man's opinion (Week 6)

I always like to start at the top, and that is where the Al's are sitting. I was a huge doubter of Montreal's defence this season, and was always the first to say that this season was going to be decided by the play of the Defence, which I thought was going to look bad. After week 6 however, it has been the big play defence that has IMO, kept the Al's unbeaten. The offence which I thought would be the best from the start to the end of the season, however has yet to really click. It almost sends chills down my spine to think how deadly this team could be if the O starts to play like it has in years past....

The great Vince Lombardi once said, "It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up."
That could be said for alot of teams after week six but I think it reflects most to me for BC. Think about it, when they win, they win big. When they lose, They always stay close.. So far. The Lions should be unbeaten IMO, however a few break downs have cost BC 6 points, and a fight in the West. It is whether the get up, when the going gets rough.

As most of you know I am a Bomber fan, and most honestly bias, but most of you non Bomber faithful's would agree, these guys are the surprise of the CFL. For god's sake when was the last time Shultz and Jock-strap have ever said anything nice about the Bombers. This defence has opened-eyes around the league, and the Back-up QB, what was the guy's oh ya, Kevin Glenn is changing opinion's every week. Now if they can only beat the Al's. Thank god it's the CFL, they still play them twice, so two wins ties the season series. Vince Lambardi also said, " The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender."That say's it so far for the Blue and Gold...

Let's just take a momment to go over the stats. :? It's no typo, Edmonton is in last place... That felt good...
They will turn this ship around however.. Won't they????

What's the scoop in Riderville? Is it the Holmes Carma jinx? Are Danny and Roy headed for unemployment? Was the One-Three pick in the Ren's dispersal the answer?
I don't know that's why I'm asking! I have heard all the excusses. The media and fans are demanding results. One week the team looks like a power house, the next it looks like a out-house. We won't be seeing a Bomber VS Rider Grey Cup at this rate.

The Stamps are the self proclaimed best team in the CFL. I'm just wondering but do they mean the Calgary Football League? If they mean the Canadian Football League then I would say that they are a little Flucked up over there. I just hope that Brian Clark gets well. We love to heckle him up in Winnipeg. Just kidding Get well Bri....

Welcome Back Ron. It was good to see you back on the sidelines, and It was good to see you get the teams first win. Now your 1-1 and tied with total wins the last time you coached. I am looking foward to the next couple weeks, as then I will be able to get a better idea on how the Tabbies season will finish, and Maas has great games against the Bombers. A couple wins and they are back in it. a couple of losses and the season is already toast, IMO. a split would still be better for the Blue.

That leaves the Argo's, who are banged up more then any team in the league, and they have payed for it. This team has alot of heart and a ton of tallent, I just hope they play Couch and let Flutie stick with retirement. A big win vs the Riders has boosted moral. It's a good thing the West Div is so close, because the East laeders don't seem to be ready to faulter in rankings just yet....

This post isn’t credible at all.

First, it’s way too long. And second, it cannot be called “one man’s opinion”, because “cfl or bust” clearly had the help of his parents. :o

.....The Stamps are the self proclaimed best team in the CFL?......since when did anyone from stampederville say this?....I know it's only your opinion but get your facts straight before you make yourself look dumb....

:lol: :lol: Bomber haters are funny :lol: :lol:

By the way my father past away of Cancer this past winter, so the Parents thing kind of hit me a little funny. You may not like, agree or want to admit what I’m saying is right, but I’m not a little punk or a school kid so easy with the school yard garbage… I understand your from Montreal, but show us that you got class… Don’t be mad because I am a PROUD CANADIAN

...sorry for your loss, lost my mom last year too....but I still don't agree with your opinion.....

I wasn't responding to you, but I'm sure you know that from reading the post. :wink:

I respect that Red, however I wouldn't expect a Stampeder fan to admit that the Stamps are trash talkers, who thought that last year was going to be the same this year. Lewis, Copeland and Burris have all said that the Stamps are the best team in the CFL. A few losses and they already are finding excusses and are in denial in cowtown.

Good post! I guess If i were a Bomber fan it would be similar. But I am not so from that I dod not agree. Yes the Bombers are the suprise this year. But you can look at many teams and say they to are a suprise. Who would of thought the west would be so close up until the league shut down the Gades. I agree with R&W no one that I have seen has stated the Stamps are the self proclaimed best team sorry does not wash. There may have been high expectations but you did not get that from a Stamp fan lots of season left to go and the parity may have something to say about that. The only thing really the same is the Al's doing their thing once again even with out the effect of parity.

....every team has players that have said they feel their team is the best in the CFL, even the BBs are not blameless here, so your biasness against the stamps is pretty plain to see and sheds such incredibility on your post that it cannot be taken with any grain of reasonable is yet another example of how recent success has gone straight to many winnipeggers heads and bloated them to obscene levels....

R&W with that statment you will take all my little bomber fans away from me! I thought I was the only one that felt that way! :lol:

you know that chest thumping is recreation in the 'Peg during the summer months

....we can share '05!....anyways, it's just my opinion right?.....

I always thought that was from the misquitos! :lol:

Share get your own fans will you! Opinions are only good for them if it reflects well on their team! :lol:


You have to know I was kind of 100% kidding (I'm not stupid enough to seriously write a post like that). :wink:

And how could I disagree with a guy who's saying Als are on top, which they are. :cowboy:

And, as long as the Als are on top, I actually don't have to hate any team. If I had to hate a team, Esks would be first, then TO, then TiCATS. Your Bombers are far on that hypothetical list. :smiley:

How does one, "kind of 100% kid" someone?

wait a sec, u guys saying the bombers arnt a good team?

but i havent heard any one from the bombers say we were the best team, fans are a different story. i havent heard from calgary that they are the best team either, or any other team for that matter. ive heard them say they are good in certain positions, ron warner saying they are unstoppable in the front four for example. but ive never heard anyone say they have the best team. know, he was sort of positive...

you better not be looking down on me or generalizing me because im a bomber fan

Okay, I'll bite...the Bombers are not a good team. October-November will prove it...

well at least your saying we'll make the playoffs. but where does that put your team i wonder