One liner of the week

Sitting in Box H it is always fun to poke at the opposing players and sometimes opposing team fans, which often results in jokes, insults, and general fun comments.

My favourite one this week. After the Bombers scored the TD on the pick, some Bomber fan starts yakking like they were going to the Grey Cup.

He also states Kelly with be coach of the year.

My response: “He has a better chance of growing a full head of hair”.


:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,

I got myself laughing when I called him bauldylocks!

I don't think you're allowed to nominate yourself for one-liner of the week. Sorry.

The injury to the official was not funny, BUT as soon as they wheeled him off on the gokart someone yelled "one down, four more to go!"

How about this one:

"Not an issue, Handled internally, Don't want to talk about it. Next question."

haha, yea I was gonna say...

When the official was being taken off the field, a got a chuckle or two from those around with "Now send in our own “STRIPES”

After a pile-up in Winnipeg territory, one of our guys started pulling on the feet sticking out toes up at layer three of the 6-7 level pile up… Winnipeg feet, and I was holding my breath waiting for reprocussions/fisty-cuffs… I yelled, " He didn’t mean any harm, he was only pulling your leg(s). "

Hope the above got a smile or two


lmao that was a good one.