At last the season is almost done. After reflecting on whose team is in the best position going into the playoffs here are the one and only TURKEYRANKINGS

  1. Toronto NFL WANNABEES- Got to hand it to Michael Clemons and their defence. They have peaked at the right time and Bishop finally looks comfortable. Let the new season begin says Pinball and who would not be eager after the way they have played lately.

  2. SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS- smartest, healtiest, best looking, toughest, most charming players in the CFL. Except for the loss of Dominquez- look good going into the post - season

  3. Calgary Stampeders- rested Henry and Joffray yet almost beat the Pussycats except for a swaying goal-post on the last play. Simply had the Lions confused out there with a back-up qb.

  4. Winterpeg Boo-Birds- Give the ball to Charles Roberts and you will win. The ship does not seem steady going into the post- season for some reason. Glenn has digressed and defence is more suspect.

  5. BC Pussycats- Wow- what a worry this lot is. Who to start at quarterback and who will last a game let alone a quarter. Jarious should start but DD looked terribly old on Saturday and even the BC fans were booing him. Bucko is done so it is on Smith's and Jarius's shoulders . The defence looks exposed as a back-up running back and qb sliced through the orange and black. Also McCallum looks worried kicking field goals as playoffs approach. It will be a long fall off the pedastal Lions fans be prepared.

  6. Montreal Minuets- A sad team looking sadder each game. Popp should join an oldies band and go on revival tours.

  7. Pas Coupe Bears Junior bantam football team- looks more organized than either Hamilton or Edmonton.

8 / 9- Edmonton / Hamilton- Casey, Danny - Finnegan the Friendly Giant and Jerome the Giraffe provide more entertainment than these sad franchises. Rest in Peace this year.

Playoffs picks coming soon.

  • I love all you guys-- honest.

Let me guess.....
Riders win the cup? :roll:


hehehe. I knew these would be worth it. :slight_smile:

Should have a disclaimer...any resemblance to real life is strictly coincidental.

LOL @ both Winnipeg and Calgary being ahead of B.C. :lol: :lol:

You know its gonna happen :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm guessing that even if they aren't in the game, Turkey will come out with a prediction that something will happen resulting in them winning regardless. :stuck_out_tongue:

The win or the prediction.

Dont worry, I have not ruled out the riders

One last...we dont care or think anything of your jokes or opinions.


Don't include me in the "we" there, please...I think this kind of thing is a refreshing break from all the stupid and petty pissing matches that go on.

Do you think? I would never have guessed that! :roll:

The disclaimer is Turkey! :lol:

Could I pick both?

We all know one is going to happen regardless, and the other is just the fan in me i guess

My week two prediction was Wpg. and Sask. in the cup, I don't see anything that shakes my confidence!


I stand by my earlier prediction that whomever wins the Riders - Stamps game will throttle BC in the Western Final.
You should be worried BC FANS!!!!!!!!!

Rider Pride Nation Wide!

Not worried one bit here. Have been hearing nay saying about BC and how they didnt play well in this or that game but they keep winning. Maybe other teams should fear the team that beats everyone even when they arent playing well. I'd worry more about the no show vs TO. there is no excuse for losing any game like that.


Oh c'mon, Turkey... COME ON! Give me a break!

You put the Leos 5th?!?! Get your head out of your gobble-gobble, buddy!

Did you not see the moustaches the Lions' players were sporting on their faces, big bird? Those weren't any ordinary "pussycat" whiskers, my fine feathered friend. Those were some Sell-ick mugs, T-bend.

5th?!?! Naw, man! Those moustaches are of the 1st place Turkey Rank variety.

I'm starting to think your rankings are tres biased...