one last try...

already twice today, topics ive posted on this forum have deen deleted. so let me try ONE LAST TIME, this time devoid of ALL creativity and purpose:

the Eskimos are a team in the CFL
the riders are another team in the CFL

if this post is ALSO deemed too riskay for this forum, may god hav mercy on your souls...

If you checked your private messages, you would understand why the other two threads were moved.

thank you much for your endeavors to starve these forums of their most key staple... *****

No one said you couldn't talk your smack....just keep it where it belongs. It's not a difficult concept to grasp. Thanks.

u must strike at the heart: only a fool strikes the enemy where it is in fewer #s

Uh huh :roll:

knew ud see it my way(the right way)! thank you for wrapping your punny little mind around this concept! 8)

nothing is more boring than people talking in code. Get normal and say something!!!

Just watched Henry Burris beat Montreal. Sure glad we stuck with Nealon Greene instead of keeping THAT quarterback!!

(that’s sarcasm, by the way.)

THAT'S sarcasm?!? REALLY?? wow... I've got it all wrong then...

btw, this is not code... ur jst not privvy to the backstory