One last topic about last week's Stamps/Lions game...

Hey RedandWhite, remember how we were arguing about how this game was never in doubt, and that the 8 point margin of victory was deceiving? Jack B Bedell, in his article "Rouge, White and Blue", said everything I was saying and hopefully this will get to you:


Tuesday, August 16, 2005 - 09:14AM

An American's take on the CFL

By Jack B. Bedell --

Usually, after watching the games each week I’m left with all questions and no answers, but Week 8 definitely cleared up a few things for me. Now I know exactly how comfortable an eight-point victory is. For the undefeated B. C. Lions in Calgary, it was Sunday-in-the-park comfy. For the resurgent Montreal Alouettes staring down Damon Allen and the Argos, not so much. I also know who the “happiest, worst team in the CFL� is according to Chris Brazzell. And I definitely know who owns first place in the Eastern Division. I guess I have the rest of the season to figure everything else out.


Friday night’s tilt between B.C. and Calgary figured to be the most entertaining match of the weekend, and if you judged the game solely by the 39-31 final score, you’d probably say it lived up to its billing.

Unfortunately, the score was a little deceiving. The outcome of the game was never in question, with the Lions mauling their way to an easy win, and most of the Stampeders’ points and production coming in pity time once the Lions were fat and relaxed after a good meal.

Despite 421 yards from Henry Burris, some hard running by Joffrey Reynolds, gamebreaking receivers all over the field, and a host of swarming defensive players, the Calgary Stampeders simply made too many mistakes at the most inopportune times to play up to the level of their talent. Whether it was a fumble here, or an objectionable conduct penalty there, the Stampeders were their own worst enemy. And in a division that features the 7-0 B.C. Lions and the 5-2 Edmonton Eskimos, those kinds mistakes will prove fatal if coach Higgins can’t clean them up.

Dave Dickenson certainly jumped back into the Lions’ lineup without missing a beat. Just to prove his back was no issue, he even dribbled the ball before completing his first pass! No matter how much punishment the Stampeders’ front seven laid on him, Dickenson moved the ball down the field effortlessly. Man, did he take some hits, though. Coach Buono might want to have a talk with his pivot about avoiding a few of those or Casey Printers will be seeing more action before too long."

This is exactly what I was saying all along. It was nice to read this article, because I felt like I was going crazy at some point when everyone seemed to disagree with me. Finally, it seems like someone was watching the same game I was. just to get this right then, you and one other guy agree with how you saw the game so everyone else must be wrong, I'm glad you found a supporter to back you up.......I totally disagree with Mr. Bedell's take on things and feel his condescending attitude is an insult to the Stampeders, much like your condescending attitude p*ssed me off in the first place........I see Mr. Bedell has no return email and the only hit I get on Google for a Jack B. Bedell is a Louisiana Poet, hmmmm, pretty doubtful they are the same person unless he is a good buddy maybe of the Gleiberman's, so I can't take my displeasure with his p.o.v. to task......hmmm, perhaps Mr. Bedell will see this and respond directly, one could only hope..... for the meantime, based on the testimony of this vaunted but mysterious editorialist, a) the stamps didn't even need to show up last friday, b) BC was guarenteed an automatic win, c) the game's outcome was never in question...........o.k.........I'll add those facts to the indesputable proof of WMD's in Iraq..........I'm absolutely convinced now and will sleep so much better tonight because of this startling revelation......

«Dear Stampeders,

My favourite football team is scheduled to host your team this Thursday. I understand that you are a very generous organization, and tend to give victories to your opponents when asked politely.

As you probably know, our team is battling to reach first place in the East. It would then be much appreciated if you could give us a garanteed win, like you gave BC last week. I would love the Alouettes to win by the devastating score of 8 points, for such blowouts are the true mark of champions.

In return for your magnitude, I promise to applaud Jermaine Copeland whenever he dances, and I will publicly admit in the stands we were wrong not to hire Sandro DeAngelis when he tried out in Montreal.

Thank you.

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Red, there's a "jbedell" in the Memberlist:

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He makes his email adress available:

.....geez, and in his first post he says he is from Louisiana, the Poet Jack B. Bedell has spoken, all bow before his analysis......thanks for the detective work 3/10, wonder if crow is served cajun style?........(crack my knuckles) time to email.........

Go get him bulldog! Ha ha ha this post is really funny. I can not wait for the Lions come crashing down to earth.

If crashing down to earth for the Lions means losing one game, then what does that make the Stamps, who have four losses? Does it make them six feet under?

I know everyone other than Lions fans are cheering for the Leos streak to end. Lions fans should take this as a huge compliment, as every team wants to see the best team lose. I'm hoping our streak continues for a while. Whether we lose 0 games or 5 games this season, as long as we win the West, I will be pleased. Then we'll get a home playoff date with a chance to play at home for the Grey Cup in front of 59,000 fans at BC Place.

You are correct! But it is better to peak early then lose the momment before the big game. Wally can do that for you! Do not have the victory celebrations booked yet!

I haven't said the Lions have won the Grey Cup yet. I am just extremely pleased with our 7-0 start to the season. Couldn't ask for much more, being a Lions fan. I highly doubt the Lions will go undefeated this season, but I am very confident that we will win the West. And by winning the West, this puts us in the best position possible to get to the Grey Cup. As you all know, DOME FIELD ADVANTAGE at BC Place is huge. If we can get a home playoff date, and the Grey Cup at home, I like our chances. I haven't planned any celebrations yet though, as the CFL is an unpredictable league full of parody. I love the CFL, I love the Lions, I love it all.

Dear Sir,

We have received your letter and regretfully must decline your request to roll over and play dead for the upcoming game on Thursday. Normally we only reserve this priviledge to those teams with untarnished records, as the thought of tarnishing said record would be unthinkable.

However, we are prepared to offer to the Alouettes a comprimize. If during the game the Alouettes are able to open a lead greater than 7 points the game can be called due to an excessive point spread. As confirmed by the CFL Poet Laureate Jack B. Bedell, a point spread greater than this amount is completely out of reach for any team to overcome, so why pursue a futile course of action.

You'll be happy to hear that Mr. Copeland has been working on some new endzone presentations and we are looking forward to his adaptation of Les Miserables for his opening number. In return, in order to please The Poet Laureate, we respectfully request that should your Quarterback Anthony Calvillo loose control of the football that he 'dribble' the ball for fun as Dave Dickenson apparently did this last Friday.

Yours Truly,
The guys who were flattered

BC usually plays to the level of competition and do the minimum to win. Since BC is a barometer for other teams, fans may be mislead into believing that close games imply their team is almost as strong as BC. Actually, almost every team (weak and strong) has close games against BC but that doesn't mean they can beat BC next time. By not running up the score, BC is merciful in allowing opponents avoid humiliation. No need to create bitter enemies seeking vengeance.

........oh, gawd, my sides hurt after laughing for almost ten minutes.....are you serious? can't be, right? are a sarcastic master, right?........a tenth level 'pull-your-leg' sensei............or at least say you have a day pass from Riverside 3rd and sometime to kill at the internet cafe, please, because to tell me anything else has me worried........

Good RLR it is good that the fans in Vancouver have jumped onboard.

thirdperson, are you on glue? That is one of the most biased views of any team I've ever read. Which dimension are you from? What colour is the moon on your planet? Am I in the twilight zone???

Wow you should send it to this poet do you not think! I think he would enjoy it!

Keep the spray ppaint cans away from this Lion fan I think he had enough!

ooooooo!!!!! A fight that doesnt have the word "Riders" in it.....very enjoyable reading..... ( removes his green spray painted Cape,Tights & Avenger Watermelon Helmet)

Dentor are you refering to me. Okay if you did I deserve that you dam Rider fan ha ha ha ha! Happy now !

..........tights!.......that's a scary thought.........and just where does the watermelon go?.....impressing the ladies I see.........

I thought I saw that at McMahon when the riders were here. Dentor was that you!