one last time with feeling

On monday I will arrive early to Ivor Wynne with my two sons....just as i used to arrive with my Dad when i was 10 or 11 years old. Some games were preceeded by the Labour Day parade when I got my new , not really large UEWshirt and ball cap. I would pull my Garney Henley priced jersey over top and replace the cap with my 1972 Grey Cup cap.
My Dad has seasons tickets for 20 plus years in section 22 , row N , seat 1 and often i would sit on the stairs beside him after half time.
On monday my boys and I will climb the stairs and sit with my Dad for a bit (he has passed on some 25 years ago) and enjoy the view together as he once did...I will think of the times watching Mosca and Henley and Coffee and Fleming.
Then we will go to our seats and enjoy our game and our time. I hope that this labour day continues to fuel the passion for the Cats in my sons.
I will feel a loss after Monday's game..even when (and I did say when) the Cat's trounce the Argo's...loss in not being able to climb the stairs of Section 22 again on Labour Day.

Go Cats Go

This game should be devoted to something special or unique to Hamilton that's important.

Man, now that is a fantastic story of family and their love of the Tiger-Cats thanks for sharing.

how very true and i know exactly how you feel for me it was the memories of my nephew and very best freind that makes me think of games past Robbie was a very special die hard ticat fan who loved the cats and loved to hate the argos. Ive kept my season seat since his passing 17 years ago and this year i had to change sections so his four brothers and me can sit for the last season at ivor wynne to cheer on the team he so very much loved. I find my self often drifting away at the games thinking of the times spent there with him but then to turn and see his four brothers beside me i know hes not in a seat but hes with us