One Last Pitch

Taaffe missused ALL hamiltons RB,s the last two seasons, Lets see again 1st down hmmm run up the gut , that will fool everybody :roll: ,. GOOD luck Jesse where_ever you land, but its going to S... whatching you run thru the Ticats D,. while KK struggels to make a 4 yd average!!!

We need players that want to be here, thats the only way we're going to shred this losing culture. If Jesse wants to be here he'll sign here, otherwise he can go and he'll join the list of players that gave up on the team, city and fans.

No other way to put it IMO.

I dont see it that way. Its a business and every dime he earned while he was here he put his body on the line and is beat up from it. He had surgery for his injuries and they were serious injuries he tried to play through. If I thought for one second that lumsden bailed on this team and the city I would say so but I dont see a football player as owing anything to fans, cities or teams beside suiting up and giving his all when called upon and thats exactly what he did. He did community work here and he also took that fundraising trip to the country with starving kids with chch. He gave a lot to this community and all people can do is rip him for leaving now even though its probably what is best for the guy and the team. They already signed his replacement last year didnt they? He is free to go elsewhere and thats what it appears he is choosing. His contract is up and he wants to move on, thats up to him. He fulfilled his contract to the cats but its just not good enough for some fans who feel he owes them some personal debt. You are the first to rip a player that leaves and this time you cant even wait till his bags are packed. People think a damn football player owes his soul to a city and fanbase, PUHLEASE.

You rite on BEET juice_ - BTW IF lummer??? Lumsden signs with the Args and has two Big ydg seasons, NO doupt he will get another shot at the NO FUN LEAGUE!!!.

I agree JL owes Hamilton nothing… he played hard and well when he was able to. Hamilton owes him nothing either… they paid him decent money after all.

He signed a contract with the Ticats, it’s up in a few hours. After that, each side is free to do whatever they want. Indications are he’s unlikely to re-sign here, probably largely because of money issues, also (and related to money) because Obie has limited faith in his durability. So now JL will learn whether other teams discount his price tag in the same way and to the same degree that Obie does. Seems likely some other team will be in a position where they are prepared to take the financial and roster risk on him that Obie is not willing to do… maybe Esks, maybe Argos.

As for him getting another crack at the NFL, I doubt that will happen. Even if he has a couple of high-production seasons in the CFL, he’s had two shots in the NFL, and those didn’t work out. I haven’t heard of a veteran CFL player getting three NFL tryouts, much less making it on the third try. Maybe Doug Flutie? But I don’t think even he did that. And to borrow a phrase from Senator Lloyd Bentsen used in another context: “Jesse, you’re no Doug Flutie”.

I thin Toronto wil shock the world and throw the bank at Lumsden, and that he will sign in Argo Land.

Can you imagine the crowds at Ticat/Argo games at Ivor Wynne if this happens?

He doesnt owe me a thing... in his limited time here he became my favourite player, i wish they would re-sign him and from the sounds of it they gave him every chance to come back. He is choosing to leave (if he does). We signed his replacement because he refused to take a very nice contract in the middle of the season. To me that tells me he wants to leave and yes, perhaps I will rip him for not being loyal... i have that right. You can argue him not giving up on the fans, go ahead... but him leaving and not accepting that offer mid season and choosing to go elsewhere is him giving up on the Ticats, and for that, i CAN rip him.

I think that Jesse turning down that big contract offer during the season
was a sign that Jesse believes in himself and his extraordinary abilities

rather than a sign that he did not believe in the Hamilton Tiger Cats, Crash.

That big contract offer and turndown likely occurred early in the season

when Jesse was humming along racking up good numbers and big plays.

He felt that he would keep that pace up and have such a
truly outstanding season that he would deserve more money.

Well Ron, lets hope its all meaningless in 15 mins and he re-ups with us.

WE DONT NEED HIM LIKE EVERYTHING IN LIFE IT MUST END bye jl thanks for some good memories but were moving on and u need to find a different hospital for shoulder surgery try toronto hospital for sick kids

You are just wrong for even bringing up sick kids like that... I don't find your post remotely amusing and by posting it in numerous threads just shows your maturity... you can be upset with Jesse all you want, but when healthy he is one of the best running backs this league has seen in some time.

Sure he has been injured in the past 2 years and all of us have been frustrated about it one time or another. The fact of the matter is he is still a great Canadian player and he will rebound from these injuries soon enough.

he was supposed to have rebounded last year did he????

and i never asked for u to find me amusing i wasnt poking fun at sick kids im saying when they are sick thats were they go in totronto so relax. Chances is are hell move on and be great somewhere else but im sick of waiting for him so sign with t.o. and use there hospitals for your nagging injuries

An injury hampered that, like I said before the past two years have been filled with injury but this is a new season and he will rebound sooner or later its just a matter of time... Now I would rather his rebound be with the Cats rather than with another team.

i guess if he comes at the right price and doesn't mind be second string behing kk then ok but he loves the spotlight as much as he says he dont i just dont wanna hear no whinning from him we already have a cancer were trying to get rid of in casey printers

He is not the type of guy to whine about his role or playing time... He is a quiet down to earth kind of guy, I guess that is why it bugs me when people talk trash about him. He is a great player and difference maker when healthy.

your right but u must put lots of stress on the WHEN HEALTHY

Oh I do don't you worry! LOL

Your sounding like someone who had their heart broken for the first time. He isnt bailing on a contract. he isnt sitting out while under contract. He is exercising his right to test the market which was what he intended all along. It wasnt a suprise to anyone. He signed here, fulfilled the contract and is now looking at options. Loyalty doesnt happen in sports if it ever did. The cats cut guys contracts all the time and jessie has seen it happen and maybe he sees it as the cut throat business it is. Maybe if the ticats showed a little more loyalty themselves they might find it comes back. Karma…

Speak for yourself.