One last attempt!!!

To stop the needless quoting
Why do some people feel it necessary to quote the post right about?
I just read a thread were almost every post quoted the one just above!!!!

Maybe they don't know how to post with out quoting

Maybe I can help!
look at this

See its quite simple, Anyone can do it!

Do I have to pull a Kanga and keep posting this rewquest until its stopped? :lol:

.........whoa, look at that, my nickname is immortalized in ro's post.......

I don’t know 1313…sounds pretty simple to me! :lol:

…sorry, I know the quoting bugs you…I couldn’t resist…

I had to log out to do this
I did not want to reveal all the MOD secret buttons :lol:

Yes Ro why do they do this?

Im warning you guys
Ill do it

Do what?

What? What???? Whaddayagonnado???

Is this where we cue in the white jacket with the extra long arms! He is over here boys!

got the pciture Ro, they got you!

Is this the one where the sleaves tie in the back????

That light bulb has arms and legs........ weird....

.....I'll see your "moon" and raise you four more.....

dude, leave those smileys alone, their disturbing.

and their is nothing wrong with quoting, just don’t read the quoted material or read a little bit. JC, no big deal. 8)

great, now jm02 is doing it, if I did it, you guys would edit my post, shach is life. :roll:

May the flees of a thousand camels infest your armpits
The whole lot of you :lol:

Me thinks ro1313 is in need of a vacation...he's stressed out.


no kidding. nothing personal Ro, but you need to clam down buddy, ol pal.

This from the guy who quotes my PM in responce to my PM
I know what I wrote!!!!!!!!!!

I need the reference