One helmet for all CFL teams this season

As confirmed by the Stamps Store:

It means no more black helmet for the Stampeders, thank goodness. But it also means we lose some other good looks, like the Lions’ two helmets (I’m hoping they keep orange because we have enough black helmets in the league). The Eskimos’ green helmets are gone, as are the Argos’ white helmets. I wonder if it will be a one-year thing or something more enforced moving forward, similar to current NFL rules.

No more Green helmets for the EE , thank goodness!

Wouldn’t necessarily bet on it lasting past the “everyone besides the Als” uniform re-design for next season.

one helmet for all teams ehh.

are they going to take turns using it?

I sure hope that means the Riders will use the modern /=S=/ logos exclusively, then. That would make me one very happy Rider fan. I know I’m likely in the minority, but I DESPISE the retro (S). It was boring, stale and dated in 1985 when the modern one was introduced, and it only looks even more boring, even more stale, and even more dated 35 years later. To me, it represents an era where failure and mediocrity were the acceptable norm, as evidenced by only one Grey Cup win in something like a dozen tries, and 15 consecutive years out of the playoffs. Since the switch to the modern logo, we’ve won 3 Grey Cups in 5 tries, our merch outsells the other 8 teams combined by a 2 to 1 margin, and the new stadium has been built, which is the crown jewel of the league. I rest my case.

I hate the whole retro trend in general. and wish it would just go away already. Why be stuck in the past, when you could and should always strive to move forward? Makes absolutely zero sense to me.

How about the REDBLACKS subtly enlarge the current white ‘R’ logo, and de-emphasize its italic angle?

Lo and behold: the old, Rough Rider classic, white ‘R’.

I think each year the rest of the league should wear, for the whole year, the helmets of the previous years cup winners.

We’ll still see different designs / logos, since they’re just decals. Just one base helmet, and therefore colour.

I’d like to the league have each adopt two sets of uniforms. One home-and-away set for matchups within their division and one set for matchups against the other division. I’d like to see the league further emphasize those divisions, still provide a variety of uniform, but do away with the randomness of when/why teams wear alternates.

Why is thisa rule? I thought having 2 different helmets was great.

I like the idea of just one helmet.

Never a fan of the Black helmets on the stamps. I don’t know why, but with those helmets it always reminded me of a bobblehead of dark helmet from Spaceballs.

In the past I always thought the white away jersey looked good with the red helmet.

Is this another plan of the league trying to reduce costs?

If BC helmet is accurate then they are tinkering with BC uniforms this year .

Return to yellow hats in Hamilton, and the stripes over the top: white and black.
Same in Ottawa, classic black with the white and red stripes.
Love the B.C. black with the roaring Lion, from the Jim Young days.
Red for Calgary, without question.

I happen to think Toronto has the sharpest stripe in the League, currently.

Someone’s got to figure out the Alouettes, who struggle to look good. Best suit ever was the late seventies red, white and blue. It struck fear into hearts of Ottawa fans, like me.

Winnipeg with the royal shirts and gold pants are classic, Willard Reaves style. Tom Clements. Walby.

Edmonton classic, Regina also.

And - for heaven’s sake- keep the home teams in the dark suits, the visitors in white. Please.



In the age of Ultra HD colour TV broadcasts, we don’t need white jerseys to show who’s the visiting team. That’s a holdover from B&W broadcasting. I don’t think it’s really important to know instantly who’s playing at home or on the road, you will soon get that by watching the game.

BTW, as far as the original topic goes, I’m happy to see teams go back to only one helmet colour.

Yes! Always found the whole road/home helmet idea ridiculous. Alternate uniform designs are there for merchandising. But, as I have said before, nobody has ever bought a helmet.

No one? That’s a pretty broad statement. I have 5 full size helmets and about 120 mini helmets from across the CFL, NFL and NCAA. It’s for my man cave. Maybe I’m the only one.

If I could buy, beg, borrow or steal one of the Stampeders “outlaw” helmets, I would be ALL over that.

Best helmets in the league (IMO).

Nope. Not alone. I have about 6 game worn BC helmets of various designs and from various years.

Fair enough, but I think it’s just in the domain of the diehard collectors. See lots of jerseys and T-shirts at games but not a heck of a lot of helmets.