ONE Grey Cup ticket for sale!!! Plus west jet flights just

Yes it is true,
My Riders have lost and I now have one ticket for sale. It is in a reasonable location and cost $200. If interested, please PM me. I am also letting everyone know that I am cancelling my flight from Calgary so there may be two spaces available on flights to Vancouver in the next little bit. I would not wait more than 24 hours to book as they will fill up quickly.

lol... you should go anyways dude. The Grey Cup is always a great event to attend no matters who plays in it.

Hey, I was in Montreal when two western teams battled it out. Could not be worse scenario. But I still had a great time.

Winnipeg was technically an Eastern team back then, 3nd

Its always a good time. And there are always lots of fans from non host or playing teams. You should go.

This will be my 6th Grey Cup and I've never been to one involving my Riders. And it doesn't matter because it's a great time. It's great to see fans from across the country. And there's the odd fan from Baltimore and Sacramento that I usually run into as well. It's great!!

I love the Baltimore guys. I spent a good 3 hours talking to them at the cup in Regina. Or 2 of them. The one guy was some sports announcer type guy, he knew his football. Actually I still have his card, he has gone to like 4 championship games in the NFL, CFL, and NCAA, and I think some Arena ones too.
Must have some cash. Really great guys.

Yeah I read an article in the Leader-Post on the one Baltimore guy. He bought season tickets for the Riders the year we had the cup in Regina just so he could have an assured seat at the Grey Cup. He also made it to the Labour Day game. He probably has seasons for the Lions this year. It's awesome!!!

I agree it is a great game to go to, but financial restraints tell me to sell the ticket. That, plus the fact I am having trouble lining up daycare for my kids. Truth be told, my heart just wouldn't be in it. I guess that is the true bottom line.

Any Edmonton fans out there thinking, “Maybe I should go”. I do still have a ticket for sale. If interested, please PM me.