One Good Thing I'll Say About This Forum

The beauty of this CFL FORUM is that most of the posts are insightful, which reflects the intelligence and CFL knowledge of all (almost) posters. Sure we get hot under the collar. And I thank you all for that.

Have you ever tried to talk hockey in the NHL forums? What a bunch of morons.

Things like “I hope Ottawa blows up because they steal our tax money”, to the old tiresome Senator fan’s mantra of “Leafs Suck”. And then there’s the stupid “Bertuzzi” rants.

And speaking of differences in mentalities, there’s the difference in organized minor hockey and minor football. My son plays on a successful and competitive National Capital Mosquito football team where everyone is treated equally and cuts only based on talent were made. Whereas his friend (an Ottawa Valley top ranked goalie) was the last cut from an Ottawa AA midget hockey team because one of the sponsors (a local Doctor with deep pockets) threatened to shut off the money tap if his son (another goalie of less talent) was cut.
So guess who didn’t make the team?

I love you CFL nuts. :oops:

And now I’m going over to a friends house and suck back a few suds on this beautiful Ottawa autumn afternoon.

Good hic post Supersmith!

Supersmith reporting

Certainly better attitudes here than TSN's CFL forum.. the people there are really nasty. Unfortunately I think TSN's forum is a more accurate representation of what you'll find at a game.

heh super....have one for me.....I agree.... there is at least some coherency by most of the posters on this site......may it continue and ;;;here here to the CFL... AND THE FANS THAT SUPPORT IT... :wink:

Right on Supersmith. While we have some disagreements there are some good debates.

(Sportsmen walks over to Supersmith and clinks glasses of suds with him!)

excellent thread!

Everyone post is great, except most of mine.


Yours would be okay Kanga…if you had spell check… :wink:

Kanga…don’t read this…

I’m taking up a collection to Buy Kanga Spell check for a Christmas present. I’ll see if CFLPM will let me use the head office address for donations to be mailled in!


We love you anyways KK!

Sportsmen, you rock!!! but Ro has given me a Spellchecker for the Internet, so don't worry. :lol:

I can't spell because I have a learning disability.

Strange, I would've thought it was because Kanga knocked back about 6 bottles of Blue before typing. :lol:

I do drink abou 6 cokes when I talk on this site though.

So, what you're saying Kanga, is that you're typing under bladder-caused duress?



Hey KK you missed something in this post where is Billy Soup he just broke his agreement!

C'mon rw2k5. He had to bleed his lizard post haste. Cut him a lil slack. :lol: