one good thing came from the loss...

... I don't have to decide between going to Montreal next Sunday or seeing Springsteen's LAST E St. Band concert.

Problem now solved.

In an interview earlier in the season, I recall seeing Otis Floyd (I like this guy) answering questions, and he mentioned that he was watching the BC game.....and the intervierer asked 'who won?' and he replied 'We lost'......I was a bit shocked that he still seemed to identify strongly with his old team.

I think one good thing from the loss is that he and other players will start to identify with the Tiger Cats as THEIR team.

I really think that next year will be our year.....and I really don't feel too bad about the loss....the Eastern final was a long shot I think.....Montreal is beatable, but I think BC will come crashing down to earth on Sunday.

Obie needs to work some magic again in the off-season and I'm fully confident that he will:
1)Get 1 or 2 better DB's
2)Get 1 or 2 more great receivers
3)Release Keith and replace him with a diamond in the rough
4)Work on better blocking scheme's with Easley
5)Get a KR/PR who could break away for a TD on almost every touch
6)Add a touch of more canadian depth at the DL position

Alot better then our 78 steps to success last off-season :thup:

he found that "diamond in the rough" cobb

Say it ain't so!

I wouldn't mind another acoustic tour anyway - just to mix things up a little.

But something tells me Bruce wouldn't pick Buffalo for a final farewell show.

Here's a better idea for a last hurrah: Grey Cup 2015 at Hamilton's sparkling new Pan-Am Stadium.

Clarence is 67 right now which will put him at 73 for the 2015 Grey Cup and Bruce at 66.
it would be nice , but not likely. :thup:

Well then, I guess we'll have to settle for the Rolling Stones.

Another good thing that came from the loss... I bet season ticket sales will be up next year. I know a bunch of people (myself included) who renewed before the game a 2 who bought after the game.

That game (and the game the week before in Winnipeg) was the best advertising the team could ask for.