One good thing about the Stuporbowl ...

one good thing to come out of watching the Stuporbowl is, it sure makes me miss, appreciate, anticipate, and crave the CFL a lot more ... I miss the CFL so much! :cry: Only 4 more months ...

For sure...can't stand the wait...Football is Football you got a love it..
Seemed like a preety good Superbowl this year, lets bring on the main event..Grey Cup 06..

The Superbowl was at least a close enough game to keep you interested.

damn stairt! I feel asleep when there were 2 mintues left and lot and behold, the score didn't chage and Pitts still "won".

Talk more about SB XL, "the game I don't wanna remember", later

Winnipeg will be the better in Novermber, I gareentee it!

and if anyone makes a topic about reveiwing the SB, make sure to title it "SB XL: THE **** IS THAT?" cuz the latter I was saying though out most of the game.

Canuckkev - You got it right. Can't believe how I much I can't wait til the CFL returns. If I want to see poor officiating, it may as well be the CFL but at least I can say CFL refs don't have the luxury of replay. Even majority of the time in the CFL, when the officiating is average, the game is still exciting

Ditto for me. Even the ones who watch and or love the NFL, the Super Snore is the best advertsing to come on over from the dark side.

Now that I’ve cooled down a bit, It was clear that Pitts won, but the fact that their were some very poor calls by the refs takes away from their win. Hope that the 50th is a better game for the sake of the NFL.

Would the TD been taken back in the CFL? don’t think so. their were two bad calls at the end of the frist that made me say “god, that a ******* cal!”, a pretty bad ball call in the 2nd, there was a call or pass incomplete which I wasn’t sure if it should have been a fumble of not (guess they don’t apply to passes), I was ticked that Seattle punted on 4th and inches instead of going for it (like the would have in the CFL on 3nd and inches in a scrum-like fashion). Bad call on the block by the Seattle player, and their were too many calls on Seattle that I think really hurt them and some not there fail, so it’s fail to say that they were riped off and it seemed like everyone, the league included, was going for Pitts, but Pitts would still the Champs, so maybe the NFL should give the Hawks some money to pay for the bad calls and everything.

Did like the shuffle pass in the 2nd and the two record that were broken, but they wasn’t enough to caught up to the Vancouver GC since it whet into OT.

I hope that those would don’t like the Single before like it now cuz it would have made the game so much more fun, and I have the AP scores if anyone is interested.

You know what that taken back TD reminds me off? it reminds me of the Stegall TD the refs tock back during the Labor Day game which they should have given to him IMO.

ok, right. i am sure u fell asleep with 2 minutes left in the superbowl. lol

What have you been up to, Sooner fan? seen any Honest games? and I didn't wake on the right side of the sofa to boot! :evil:

not football, but i saw my sooners blow a 16 point second half lead in basketball to the kansas jayhawks. we lost 59-58.

I hate it when that happens, but you shouldn't blame gay people for it. Hope everthing else is going well for you. :wink:

[quote="Kanga-Kucha"]I hate it when that happens, but you shouldn't blame gay people for it. Hope everthing else is going well for you. :wink:[/quote

what makes it worse is we were up 16 with 8 minutes to go. and i am sorry for blaming the gays, it is just how we do it in the south.

jk. i dont hate gays.

BTW, everybody, more pics avalable in my "proff/sleep with" topic.

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next year i have decided to record all cfl games.that way next off season i will not have to bring myself to watch any nfl.

Can't say I blame them.

All in all, not a bad game, at least kept the interest up with one team not running away with it. But man, those NFL players really are no better than our guys, couldn’t believe the mistakes made. Was it that Stevens guy for Seattle, brutal, couldn’t catch a beachball a few times. And the refs, well, makes me appreciate our refs more. And Seattle mismangement of the clock, brually bad, couldn’t believe it. Man the NFL has to switch to 3 downs, 20 sec clock, it would make it so much more exciting.

I'd like to remind you that the 20 second clock is NOT the reason that the CFL is more exciting - the clock stops after every play in the CFL, and does not in the NFL. I also don't see too much of a problem with 4 downs, with the field the size that it is.

It's just...god...the timeouts. So many timeouts.

Go to the NFL sites.