One Game & Counting...........

So many issues .... but I think there're fixable. We need the obvious:

  • QB = (that's mobile until our OL figures it out)
  • WR = with of speed & hands (big failure on the part of operations) other teams finds them
  • PR = Need to upgrade no speed here or the scheme is not working very different at the prom level
  • K = Enough is enough
    As you see all of the above are Offense related & no attention was paid to this in the off season. Then again if everything comes together at the home opener & we get a win, I hope we don't assume all's well.

Fixable only with a competent GM. Unfortunately we are far, far away from that right now. so not fixable. Only hope is for Sherman to coach them up past their talent level.

No 1 issue: Finding 2 competent OTs to protect the QB. You can't expect winning football games if the QB is constantly hurried, even if he is mobile.

No 2 issue: Finding a competent punter. I am beyond sick seeing Bede getting penalties because of illegal punts.

What I love about sports is it gives us all someone to root for... or maybe not. Well at least we get to play coach, gm and owner. I'm gonna cheer for these guys even when they lose. I'm gonna have negative takes on things, even when they win. As a fan, I can see what I think is wrong, but I don't really know how to fix it, or where to find us a QB. I'm just a fan... who doesn't feel good about how the game ended, but knowing sports like I do, I understand how one or two plays (just one or two) could have changed the outcome of this game.

Fact is, BC didn't look particularly great either. Jennings probably changed the outcome with his feet, but he won't be able to sustain that type of punishment for 18 games. His line was suspect as well, but he made quick reads, and released the ball before the blitz got to him. A lot of quick slants, and curls, which are standard to any playbook.

Drew Willy sees "the Rush", his brain does not allow him to process information under pressure, thus, his short dump passes since he's not nimble enough to escape the pocket... like Jennings did when he felt the rush. Jennings "felt" the rush, and reacted. Willy "SEEs" the rush, gets locked in, can't see whats happening downfield, dumps off to his safety valve, Sutton, who just happens to be standing in the middle of the blitz. BC was often sending seven guys, leaving their DBs in Man to Man coverage.

Thats why Manziel makes so many big plays after he escapes the pocket. Downfield is wide open, particularly on this huge CFL field. Someone here alluded to Vernon Adams earlier. While I'm not a fan of his, at what he would probably cost us, he is elusive, which, if he would work harder on the weaker parts of hi game, could be a game changer for him.

If and when we find a young QB with some moxie, we're right back in the hunt. This is football, not rocket science... but their are some rocket scientist coaching and playing this game. I'm gonna enjoy the game, win, lose, or draw, but thats just me.

Wally has been coaching with and against Stubler for over 20 years. JJ dinked and dunked and ran on some option plays the entire game. They didn’t have to stretch the field because Stubler’s man defense dictates that his players keep their man in front of them, so BC looked how much green Stubler was willing to give up and Jennings kept passing underneath or running for first downs, he was 18 of 20 at some point with 120 yards. Montreal’s defense didn’t even force the Lions to change their game plan or take chances. Now they will play at home against a much more seasoned team next week. They will get beat again unless the defense can force Streveler to make mistakes. otherwise their fans will see the same thing all over again.

The four most important positions in CFL QB, Kicker, LT, RT… and the Als are at the very bottom of the league at all four key positions. Hello ! Hello!

C'était bien ma désolation de savoir que Stubler allait diriger la défensive cette année.

Tout le monde de la LCF connaît le système de Stubler et comment le contrer. La seule façon qu'il puisse avoir encore un brin d'efficacité, c'est si la ligne défensive se rend au quart avant qu'il ne décoche sa passe. La défensive n'a accordé que 18 points ce qui est excellent. Mais quand ça comptait d'arrêter les Lions en fin de partie, elle n'a pas été capable de le faire, justement parce que Jackson trouvait les entre-zones constamment.

Les Alouettes ont bien fait d'ajouter les ailes rouges sur les casques : ils sont exactement dans la tradition de médiocrité de leurs éditions des années '60 qui les portaient.

Do you really think Winnipeg is more seasoned than BC ?.. even with a rookie QB ?, who I happen to think is nice. I’m hoping that our veteran DBs like White and Campbell can make a couple big plays, maybe get a pick or two. I don’t think the Bombers are as good as last year. Yeah, everybody added some pieces, including them, but they lost as much as they gained. I don’t think their defence is as good. When you used the word “seasoned” it just got me to thinking a bit.

Absolutely, The Lions have made extensive changes to their offensive and defensive lines, their entire coaching staff save Wally and their starting Canadians.

Winnipeg is in the fourth year of their program, they have a stellar offensive line. Also I would not be surprised if Nichols started the game, he was practicing today.

You can also look at the Lions record last season, Winnipeg won twice as many games as the Lions.

These two guys will have to make plays for The Als to have a chance at winning any game.