one for one swap

What's wrong with Toronto dropping out of the CFL and becoming the former Buffalo Bills team in the NFL? the Buffalo BIlls logo/team colors would disappear with the Buffalo players wearing the Toronto Argos logo and team colors and playing in the NFL in Toronto as an 11-man team.

In return Ottawa rejoins the league using Toronto's players and coaching staff.

If the Toronto 12-man folks miss 12-man ball, Hamilton is only 45 minutes away.

Probably because, as has been said numerous times, Toronto as the business and media capital of the country needs to be in the CFL, otherwise it will be completely forgotten by those said, very important groups.

What's wrong with Toronto being happy to be in a domestic league rather than needing to be part of something American to feel that they are "world class"? God forbid if the KHL gets taken over by Russian oligarchs and becomes richer than the NHL (even though that league is largely American-controlled now)...

The point is perhaps the Torontoians are trying to send a subtle message to the rest of Canada they want 11-man ball instead of 12-man. I'm trying to keep the CFL from having teams fold during the season/player checks bouncing, etc. like the old World Football League.

How about you post something that may actually be a realistic outcome? Can you please point to one of your mindless posts or threads that actual made sense ?

I was being serious and my suggestions are doable. You are being rude.

actually, most of your suggestions are not very doable, but I beleive you are being sincere and that you have the right to make these suggestion. Anyone such as Kasps who doesnt like it should just shut up and move on.

It's not that Torontonians wish to have 11-man ball instead of 12-man, it is the wish of many Torontonians to have the "N" instead of the "C" preceding "Football League".

Most in the GTA would likely prefer the more enthralling Canadian football version/field/rules over the American version if the team is a member in the NFL glitz and glamour clique.

As they say, image is everything.. and Toronto is all about image.

That being said, there are those in the GTA who are fervent Argos/TiCats fans, who do maintain exuberant pride in these home-grown teams, and hopefully the market is able to cultivate a new generation.

The southern Ontario market is growing, albeit slowly, but it IS growing.

What is wrong with it is that we all like a league with the Argos in it. As much as we hate them, suckhole center of the universe, too good for the rest of us, yadayadayada, they're still family. We love them. Would be a very sad day if the double-blue were gone. :thup:

I honestly think the league would be devasted without Toronto, may even fold the league, God forbid :cry: But that's the reality, Toronto is the media capital of Canada !! Even today on Prime Time Sports, There was lots of CFL Talk, Kent Austin was interview for 15 min. :thup:

Thank you very much for the concern, but the situation is far from dire. The league is fine. Checks will not bounce. No one is folding. I was just there last fall and there is a wonderful grass roots hardcore fanbase in Toronto.

You do know that Toronto is a couple hours drive from Buffalo right? we drive cars in Canada too Its probably a closer drive than some Western New Yorkers have to make to catch their Bills. Also I'm not sure that your assumption that Torontonians are that hot for an NFL team. 15 000 paying fans to Bills games is not going to make the other NFL owners very excited about sharing the TV pie with a market that brings nothing to the party. Might also be a riot in LA if the NFL gave an expansion team to Toronto...

to be honest, I think the lack of attendance had to do with it being the BUFFALO BILLS, as opposed to say the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS, or the TORONTO BILLS, or better yet, the TORONTO PATRIOTS.

Well considering MLSE would own the team. Forget about a winner :lol:

I don't believe these are sincere comments:
"If the Toronto 12-man folks miss 12-man ball, Hamilton is only 45 minutes away."
"I'm trying to keep the CFL from having teams fold during the season/player checks bouncing, etc. like the old World Football League."
"I was being serious and my suggestions are doable."

The right to make suggestions is equaled by the right to call those suggestions ridiculous and anti-CFL.

The Argos will be fine. They have stronger ownership at the moment, and it seems that attendance is finally on the rise.

As far as Toronto residence sending a message that they want 11 man ball…they can not get solid numbers for a club that has laid it on the table and said prove yourselves and we will move.

He is clearly a moron... just ignore his posts.. Like he is comparing a 130 year old league to a fly by night league from the 70s that played one season...Just gime a break. I will be sure to never check out his website while i'm at it.... For his own sake I hope that he is an American. If he is a Canadian, it just makes him that much more stupider.

not as stupid as someone who says stupider.

how stupid is it not to be aware of and abide by the rules that basically includes "thou shalt not call thy fellow poster a moron or stupid"

Sorry bro but that is never going to happen and by you suggesting it makes you look ______

Haven’t you guys learned by now to not feed the troll?

because that's one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard.