Will next week be the final game that Casey starts and plays out for the Cats?
Ken Welch of CHTV just reported after the game how Porter sustained a slight MCL and will not play next week in Winnipeg.
Casey Printers will start and which begs the question, will this be the last game in the black and gold?

Well when they signed him last year it was a 3 year deal so unless Hamilton trades him, he'll be back with Hamilton. I can't see them getting very much for Printers. He's been BRUTAL for the past 2 years with the Cats. I say trade him for some hotter cheerleaders :wink:

Or they could just release him. No CFL contacts are guaranteed, so if they want to rid themselves of his salary they can just release him. I would think he is un-tradeable as then the team aquiring him would have to honor the 1/2 a mil contract. Pretty steep for his talents I would think.