One fan's impression

We beat ourselves through stupid penalties.

Although our offence moved the ball, almost every passing play was underneath. I thought we had upgraded our receivers this year? Shouldn't those upgraded receivers have been able to get open deep? Jason took too much time to throw the ball sometimes (due to the receivers not getting open?). The only pass that was more than 10 yards downfield, that I remember, was the bomb to Ralph in the first quarter. We were fortunate to complete it.

Defensively we seemed to get weaker as the game wore on. Not sure of the stats, but I think the time of possession was really in the blue team's favour in the second half. The D just seemed to run out of gas. Our DB's have not been upgraded over last year. The blue team receivers seemed to get open way too often. We are fortunate that a couple of overthrown long balls kept a couple of TD's off of the scoreboard.

Special teams we seemed to cover fairly well, however early in the game it looked like we tried pooching kicks to help with the cover game. Not sure how that's supposed to work, though. We took the option of taking the ball on the 35 after successful field goals by the blue team. Why is this when we have the CFL's special teams player of 2005 (Corey Holmes) on the team. Why is Craig Yeast still returning kicks? Although a great receiver, he doesn't look too good in this role.

Sorry for the length of the post. I found it to be very therapeutic.

I think that Yeast was returning after Ranek’s injury. I think they were saving Holmes from potential injury so he could be our RB.

Despite my disappointment, I'll try to be balanced...
What I liked: new offensive wrinkles (first half), brock ralph climbing the ladder, belli's passion, holmes all the time, vaughan putting his head down to get extra yards, d-line not giving up in final seconds, punting, kick coverage (except one time they committed, leaving the sideline open)...
What worries me: penalties (discipline has been a problem under coach m.), offence shut down in second half (their coaches adjusted; did ours?), secondary (simply outrun in the flats and in the corners), defence (was it mistake to mostly stand pat?), 17-yard field goal attempts from strange angles (jamie's achilles so far), yeast making key drop over the middle (worries about getting hit, needs to add vaughan-style toughness to his speed).
What I hate: nfl jerseys at cfl games, ricky hype, cheap shots on the jumbotron, overall argo arrogance, any organization that thinks a neil diamond sing-a-long belongs at a football game.
What I love: we get to play them again.
Bottom line: we're better, but not good enough, YET.

It seems as if our dbs have not been upgraded when the Argos second QB beats us. Could it be that there is not enough rush, or are they just giving them too much room?