One Draft Pick from each Team

With this having been the deepest draft in years, pick one draft pick from each team that will contribute the most during their rookie season

HAM- Kalinic: Will be a beast on special teams and will see reps at FB/TE.

TOR- Gittens: I think they will give him some opportunities to return kicks and he will also see time when one of their recievers is dinged up.

OTT- Fontana: The Redblacks may start four Canadians on the Oline this year, he will be the next man up.

MON- Anderson: He will rotate in at DE and play special teams.

WIN- Olivera: This one was hard to choose because the Bombers had such a great draft. I think they will try to give Olivera more touches to keep Harris fresh.

SASK- Lenius: Same as the Hamilton pick, but probably a bit faster.

EDM- Saxelid: WIth the injury to Rogers and the injuries to the other tackles last year, I think he will end up at one of the tackle spots.

CAL- Desjardins: Can play DT or DE and has a non stop motor.

BC- Harke: With Pierson and Godber fighting injuries, I think he could start at centre this season.