One down...

The Saints are now 13-1... A loss to Dallas has ended their run at perfection.

It was a highly entertaining game. I thought for sure Dallas was going to blow it in the fourth. I don't know what it is about this Dallas team, but they have to be the worst chokers... and on that note, how in the hell does Nick Folk still have a job? No, seriously... If I'm the GM, his behind is out on the street. Dallas needs a new kicker badly. But they won, so that can be dealt with later.

Congrats to the Cowboys for playing a good game, and to Tony Romo for living up to his potential. It's rare that we get to see him play this well. :lol:

Looks like my Colts are the only undefeated team left. :twisted:

Indy will get it done Chief, and doing it without a loss will be sweet. I WANT MY NEW YORK JETS TO WIN, SUPER BOWL 2015 RINGS A BELL! Cheers to your festive season Chief. :rockin:

Hey Cheif Colts are lookin good. If I was a Colts fan though I don't think I'd really care if they lose one of their last 2. History's nice but a loss could be good for them. Right now I think the team in the Colts way is the Chargers. They're peaking again in December and have proved the last couple years to be the Colts nemesis. I was at the Bengals game last week and they just don't seem to be at that level yet but we'll see how they react to tradgedy. Find out today when they play the Chargers for what might be the other bye

With the Jets at home, and the Bills on the road, I like Indy's chances of going 16-0. ... but I agree with you: Going 16-0 would be fun, but if I have to choose between going 16-0 or winning a championship, I'd take the latter every time.

That said, I'd really like to see the Colts go for 16-0 just because I don't want them to get rusty. This team is 0-3 when they get a first round bye, and a big part of the reason is because they wind things down at the end of the season, and then they have two weeks off before they play their first playoff game. So I'd like to see Caldwell keep all healthy players in. Let's go into the playoffs fighting.

agreed manning’s track record for staying healthy is a nice positive for the team. if he’s out tho i highly doubt we beat the bucs or the rams lol. not saying he is the only player on the team but…sorgi is brutal. he’s lucky to have the spot he does. ive got a good feeling about this year. and the chargers are peaking but if the colts play a good game and the chargers play a good game, colts win. the only way we will not win the lombardi this season would be if we hand someone a game in the playoffs.

I agree. Sorgi is brutal. I can't understand how he still has a job. I would've released him years ago. Luckily, he's not the current back-up. I believe he's injured, and Painter is the back-up.

I also like Indy's chances. The AFC is kind of weak this season. The Patriots can't win on the road, the Bengals can't beat good teams, and if Baltimore and Denver are the wild cards... please. :lol: The only challenger will be the Chargers, but we have home field, and hopefully that'll be the difference. It'd be nice for Peyton to win another championship since people still like to attack him. :roll:

Yikes. Looks like the Saints suffered their second loss of the season. :lol: And both are home losses. Ouch! :lol: