One Division

A good article in Canoe by one of the Winnipeg scribes this week about the merits of going to a one - 8 team division. Of course its not going to happen this year but I think the east-west thing perhaps should be put to bed - even if and when a 9th and 10th team are added.

Everyone wants to change the greatest game there is
Let it the way it is now

I think its a great idea

keep the way it is.that what makes it so special

Bad idea, east vs west is what attracts interest in the game. I never did like the crossover, cause the team crossing over was always at a disadvantage. Next thing you know they will moving the goal posts back and getting rid of the single point and shortening the end zones. :lol: Sorry but i coudnt resist teasin all of ya :stuck_out_tongue:


the league is a league of meaged divisions that used to be leagues or there own and formaly were conferences.

sure, thay have been chaged and weaked, but the whole two division CFL should still be uphead.

want a top 6 playoff system? keep the CO (the great compromise), and chage the winners of the division touphies except the Grey Cup.

the one division thing is done in the AFL/VFL, so no lose to the world of sports, the COelimanation would be a lose however, and there is nothing more canadian than the CO, and nothing less canadian than a one division league.

It doesnt matter if there is one division or two ,the Bombers will still finsih dead last.

I like the idea. For this year and this year alone it would have been a novelty idea to give the fans something different and especially to focus on and try to forget the Gades fiasco.
It would not have compramised the East West thing because fo the Grey Cup being in Winnipeg. Also and if Ottawa comes back next year, you can go back to the usual two division set up.
The set up would be 6 out of 8 teams making the playoffs, you could have had the first two teams getting an opening round bye and the remaining four playing the first round.
Again, the CFL missed the boat by not providing the fans an unique one of a kind year.

6 of 8 teams is terrible for playoffs. If that were the NHL that would mean that 24 teams would make they playoffs, 12 in each conference. It would be ok if you were a leaf or canuck fan, cause it looks like both of them will be playing golf at this time next week. It should be cut to top 4, but that means one less game and no chance of upsets. In a small league like this,however, you need to have that many teams in the post season.

Well its no different then the current system where only one team is eliminated from each division.
I would even think of the top four in a one division format or with what we are stuck now, the top two in each division only. To make it more interesting have a two game total points like we used to have years ago.

its has worked for 100 years

excuse me? that will either be BC, EE, or your Riders pal.

bingo, both the two division thing and playoff system are fine, and IMO, better now with the cross over, a radical and canadian spin on how playoffs are decided.

Riders may finish last in the West, but the Bombers are going to have a long year , they will be VERY fortunate to win 4-6 games this season

Sambo you are beginning to sound like a broken record

try 9, 10, or 11 (yeah, that 11 is wishful thinking) games, bozo.

its the CFL and anything is possible

6 our of 8 teams in the playoffs is not bad ... in the 6-team NHL, 4 teams made the playoffs; ie, 2/3rds. Considering that up to a week ago, there were 9 teams in teh CFL, that's also 2/3rds ... And awarding division winners with a first-found bye works really well in football, since it's so physical. I definitely prefer the 6 teams to 4. If/when the League gets a (9th and) 10th team, I'd still like to see only 6 teams make the playoffs.

As for having only one division, I'd like to see the individual divisions kept. In a 10-team league, I would not want to see a team play every other team twice ... that would amount to the same thing as one division only. I hope that if there are two divisions of 5 teams, 12 of your team's games would be played against division opponents, and only 6 would be against the other division. (This also saves money, and money talks)