One division

During last night's high school level game between the Als and you know who, the topic of making one division (no east and west divisions) came up There is really no strong team in the east this year. Is it important that we have the regional rivalry? Let the 4 or 6 strongest teams playoff. I know, we have the crossover, but there is still an east west flavour to the Grey Cup game. Would eastern Canada not watch the game if it was Sask vs Calgary for instance?

Eastern Canada would watch the game, but would have no rooting interest in it.
Just like we watch NFL games, but with little or no real concern about who wins.

Interesting concept, and it has its merits, but the East-West rivalry is basic to the CFL. It would be sorely missed.

1- Any fan who knows CFL football understands the standings in August mean absolutely nothing. At this time last year Toronto had a worst record than they do this year and won the GC. BC started 0-5 in 2011 and won it. CFL football is the tale of two very different seasons weather wise.

2- Every sports league Pro or Amateur does the same. Every year there are NFL, MLB, NFL teams with better records that don't get a spot. Bowl games LOL ! or International hockey where pools are always split. Do you and your friends have that discussion when you watch those ?

3- One of the team you claim plays HS football beat your Ticats already this year and are the defending champs.

4- If Calgary plays Saskatchewan in the West Final or SF... People still watch.

One last minute dropped pass to a rookie halfback with a clear path to the endzone. The winning touchdown. Walk proudly Argo fan.
You talk about mid season compared to the end of the season then you mentioned who won last year with a QB they were given by the league because the game was in Hogtown. Continue to walk proudly

I'm not so sure that's an established fact, regardless of how many times it's repeated on this board. I think Tillman just happened to make the worst trade in recent memory, while thinking he was actually outsmarting the rest. He's done something similar in Sask with Kerry Joseph and it worked well. And Edmonton had not exactly been world-beaters during Ray's last years there, so Eric might have made the mistake most fans make, which is to blame the QB. Plus he might have liked Jyles.

I'm sure the ratings on RDS would be zero! but RDS gets very low ratings when the Als aren't playing. Don't think the ratings in Ontario would be very good for an all Western game. I also think a Toronto/Hamilton Grey Cup would also have low ratings.

As for last night's high school level game. It's too bad it was the first game show in the US on NBCSN in the past couple of weeks. There have been to many bad, boring, penalty filled games this year, I will be surprised if the ratings are up at the end of the year.

There are merits to both, I mean on one hand you setup the potential classic rivalries meeting up in the cup. One day having another Hamilton vs Toronto cup is something that would be cool. However the con to this is viewership, plain and simple. The east has always been historically weaker then the west, and given how much much potential viewership the CFL can have in Ontario and Quebec, having a West on West final become more frequent isn't going to do the league any favours.

That and part of the divisional alignment is due to travel. The scheduale dictates that the top two teams and the bottom two teams in a division play each other four times, vs three times when a new season starts and every non divisional team twice. One division will throw that off kilter.

Last but not least, Ottawa and the dream of a ten team league should help out the east division substantially, if only because it will give weaker east teams, more games vs each other.

I think one division makes more sense and may help the league in the long run. One division promotes new rivalries based on standings. And old rivalries will continue to exist regardless if there is one division or two. I think the days of the east and west as people see Canada, are over and as they mentioned on TSN, the issue always comes up, what about Winnipeg?

The Grey Cup has already essentially had a West vs West matchup in 2007 with Winnipeg and Saskatchewan. I don't think ratings were negatively impacted that year.

It's an interesting discussion, but pretty much every league has it, you have weaker divisions in the NHL, NFL, and NBA. None of those leagues have made much change.

Would a Ti-cat fan be less inclined to watch Calgary vs Saskatchewan than Montreal vs Saskatchewan, just because there is no Eastern team? I don't think so.