One Day out from Ottawa game

So what do you think will happen?

I am predicting a win with the Riders again scoring at least 30 points.
I think the defense will be stellar again, although I really hope they cut down on the chippiness shown in the Hamilton game.
The Riders MUST cut down on the undisciplined penalties in particular (procedure and lining up offside).
Our O-line has performed much better than I expected although Cody is helping a lot with a quick read and release. Reminds me a bit of Danny Mac. release the ball in 1.8 seconds and the defense can't physically cover the distance between the LOS and the QB even with no O-line in place.

Riders are definitely a favorite, but they gotta play the game. Ottawa has to bring it better than Hamilton did. Sask has to expect that and has to respect the Redblacks. I don't think they would purposely take any opponent lightly but sometimes an easy win can make you relax a bit and hold you back from improving or fixing errors. I expect the Riders to come out fast again and keep the pressure on. If they do they should get a W.

Haven't seen much from Ottawa yet so interested to get a good look at them.

The last time that the Redblacks came into Regina off a bye was 2014. They were 1-10 I think they were pumped to play the defending champs. The Riders had just lost Durant for the year in the banjo bowl about 2 or 3 weeks previous but Dressler had just come back from the Chiefs after the Redblacks made him a huge offer which upped his price. Ottawa ran 3 or 4 trick plays and jumped into a 2 score lead but Sunseri had a huge day passing and Dressler scored a ridiculous touchdown outrunning half the Ottawa defense and the Riders came back to win by a field goal. Tremendous game.

I fully expect much of the same. Big defense, 3 or 4 forced turnovers, and a victory.

Ottawa is an improved team but have a beat up secondary just as the Riders have a beat up receiving corps. Hopefully no complacency or team slacking off before the bye.

I believe we go into the bye 3-0, recharge and lay a beating on Winnipeg on Labour Day