One bright, shining moment - with 43 seconds left

It's been pretty grim this year - but I loved the gadget play at the end - The massive hit Campbell laid on 44! and then Masoli putting his shoulder down at the end on Bucknor. Throw in Fantuz and you have three guys who showed up to play on Saturday.

We haven't seen a hit like that since Hickmann took out two Argos on a kick return (2 seasons ago?).

Anyway, you have to take the joy where you can find it this year!

Absolutely loved Campbell's block, he pancaked that guy.

Yep I gotta agree that was quite the pancake laid out by Campbell. :rockin:

As for that KICK RETURN you mention it was definitely Hickman and it was definitely 2 seasons ago BUT it was not against the Argos but was in the Grey Cup against Calgary on Speedy-B's TD return that was called back on the flag on Reed that would have won us the Cup.

Here is the Hickman hit on that return, he takes out the punter Maver and another Stamp just like it was a 2-10 split in bowling. :smiley: :rockin: One of the BEST blocks I've ever seen on a punt return or anywhere in my life. :smiley:

It was a really interesting play. It's hard to imagine that it unfolded the way it was drawn up (if it even was drawn up), given that Masoli had to sprint backwards to avoid the rush. It was a minor miracle that he even made the throw. But then they still managed to pull off the pass back to the QB.

You never know what Fantuz is going to do with the ball when he makes a catch in the dying seconds of a half. Usually he tries an onside kick, but not this game.

Andy touched the ball in more ways, and more times, than he probably ever has: 15 catches (plus the 2-pt convert), holding on kicks, a (not very effective) short kick-off, a (legal) pitch back to his QB at the end of H2, and an (illegal) pitch forward at the end of H1. I'll hazard to guess that no one has ever done that combination of things in any football game, anywhere. When else would someone be a holder one play and a kicker the next?

I can't believe that I forgot that hit was in the Grey Cup - It was like a 2-10 split!

Damn, now that's a block.

I think the shining moment was when Masoli came in and gave a bit of life to the offence. Collaros has been very flat lately and I don't see any signs of him coming alive with this group.

I think there's a subconscious fear of re-injury. Especially when he's taking the hits. His first game back (even at a loss) was nothing short of phenomenal, after almost a year off. You can see it in his passes. Last year, he was bang on with most of them, rarely over threw, and even more rarely with interceptions. Now every time he throws into traffic you almost want to close your eyes and hope for the best.

Masoli seems to work very well when needed. But his inconsistency is what hurts him the most.

We NEED our star players healthy, and we need the O-Line to do their jobs, and just maybe we can get a few more shining moments.

I think Zac needs a little bit of the Danny Mac quick release plays in the play book .
Add a little Flutie sugar and you have have Coffee and Donuts to go! :cowboy:

IMO it is not all on the O-line. If we don't have some quick release plays to take the heat off the QB, he will continue to take a pounding or be hurried into bad choices. If the O-line is only good for 3-4 second protection, then the ball has to be away in in less than 4. From the outside looking in, putting in quicker developing plays would seem to be easier than replacing 5 starting O-linemen?

But I agree about the star players, and not only healthy, but playing up to potential.