One Bad Point

I question the offensive calls during the last 7 mins of the game. Twice they were in their own end with second in 4 or 5. Why wouldnt run the ball and kill time by keeping the ball on the ground and then punt if the 1st down wasnt made. Both times Porter went down on a sack and the 2nd one he was rushed and threw a wounded duck which could have been picked.Clock stops on the incompete passes. Thus we had a chance of killing at least another minute. ????????


Of course!

Hindsight is great, ain't it?

There is no hindsight, it is just the smart think to do instead getting sacked ( clock stop) and throwing a ball to no one (clock stops) Doesnt make sense

Doesn't the clock keep going on a sack?

You have TRULY picked the MOST appropriate online name for this forum...

Half, what you do in that situation

You try to get a first down!

You are up by 2 scores. That is not comfortable in the CFL. You get the third score and then you run, run, run. But

We needed to get first downs to kill the clock.

I'm good with the calls.

If you want to nit-pick it happened at the end of the 1st half as well.

Um...that IS hindsight.

Watching the replay on TSN2, the real Bad Point tonight was the attendance. I know earlier this week it was talked about that this is the toughest game of the year to sell, and many were more concerned with flooded basements rather then football. But the North Stands looked less then half full. Still too many people are staying away. I really hope if the team stays the course and continues to play well, they are rewarded with big crowds from Labour Day on. They deserve it!



The clock management was questionable.

Also questionable was the play calling at certain points of the game. They got Cobb running early but then they went away from the run. IMHO you keep pounding the ball until they stop you.

BC stopped running the ball as well for some strange reason. Mallett was running well and all of a sudden they just started passing.

The one bad point tonite I thought was the dropped balls by Davis and Cobb.

But.....................WHO REALLY CARES! WE WON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pretty simple late in the game,,,yes we should be indeed running the ball on 2nd down too to kill the clock and avoid a possible turnover.. i was miffed too about that.

One bad point: poor attendance!!

Everyone is at home coutning their pennies to pay the overpriced tickets for an NHL team that we will never get.

This is the time I would like to see a double reverse or a rugby type lateral drill. Even if it gains nothing, it eats up much more valuabe time off the clock.

That is one school of thought. The other is the more lateralling/handoffs in the play, the more possibility of a turnover. Being ahead by two possessions, I wouldn't opt for the first course of action.

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree running the ball seems like the thing to do but its pretty ineffective if the defense knows whats comming. Mixing it up is still important even late in the game because the bottom line is we needed the first downs. I was actually pleased at how well we ran the ball in the 4th and the play selection. Remember a complete pass keeps the clock running too.

no offense but that is a horrible idea, you want to start to trick plays and laterals in that situation? a reverse okay maybe, but start doing laterals all over the field? thats a good way to blow a lead, B.C picks off one of the laterals or a ticat drops one and it could be 6 the other way.

i think we should have just ran the ball in that situation. Or if you're going to pass it, do a high-percentage play like a Screen Pass out to Cobb.

I agree with Wanker and use up as much time as possible with some type of running play.