One aspect of Illegal kickoff rule has to change

During last night's BC WPG game. WPG's kick off stopped rolling inside BC's 10 about 2 feet from the sideline....dead stop!

BC returner stepped OOB and picked up the ball!
Flag for illegal kickoff OOB and the ball was placed on the 50!

That is ridiculous, BC should have been flagged for illegal participation


Just to be clear, he was standing on the sideline at the exact time he picked up the ball?

If so, that's always been the rule in both the CFL and NFL.

Don't kick it within 2 feet of the sideline.


I really have no idea how the rules came into play there. Maybe the discussion here may clarify things?

I was confused by that play as well. The camera followed #47 on the Bombers and we missed the kick in the air. The guy steps out of bounds and then picks the ball up making the ball out of bounds. This is the idiocy of CFL rules. I've been watching the game for 50 years and sometimes I'm lost and thats because TSN and the CFL do little to keep fans up to date with rules and changes. Rod Smith and Glen Suiter did little to explain the play. People that run the league seem to be trying to run it into the ground. Or they are just plain 'idjits'. Just one of the many reasons why people are fed up and turn the channel or don't tune in anymore.

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missed that play. If the ball goes out of bounds on a kickoff before being touched, it doesnt matter what the receiving player does after that.

The tv commentators could have explained the rule. They did not for one of two reasons.
They did not know
They did not care to tell us

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sure would be nice to have a video of it. Is it possible it bounced out than back in??

The ball was not out of bounds, the returner was.
So it’s either illegal participation or he’s out where he picked up the ball.
Absolutely ridiculous. Now this enables returners to stretch out with a toe on the sideline to have the ball ruled out of bounds on a kickoff.


No he stepped out first


The ball did not go came to a dead stop inbounds


Its actually the same in the NFL....I saw one player actually lie down and stretch to touch the ball


Don’t watch NFL, but yeah, as I mentioned, that could happen. Now you get the ball at the 50 yard line. Instant field position. Needs to be fixed.

So an OOB player that can grab a ball inbounds, makes that ball OOB? That's a little twisted all right. I've never seen that before. Totally agree with you ro.

They should have been but that is the rule in both leagues. It needs to be fixed. Has some similarities to the ass fumble recovery rule. Nonsensical.


Yes. I mean he kept his foot on the white line while touching the ball.
This is the equivalent of catching it whole your feet are OOB.

Surprised everyone thinks this needs to be changed.

I've never thought anything of it. Kick it closer to the centre.

Ok but he still stepped OOB while the ball was in bounds...IMO its illegal participation....
You cannot step out and catch a pass, you cannot step out and make a tackle, or a block

There is no reason you should be allowed to return a kick

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Yup, sounds like a stupid rule to me. Also, what happened to being an allowed to kick the ball out of bounds at the 2 yard line to pin the other team deep in their own end?

No, there is a reason you kick to the sideline.


This was a kickoff not a punt!
Punts can go OOB under certain conditions...a kickoff cannot.