One Argo QB Gone Already

Highly touted by the Argos....and nobody else...ex-Bills backup Gibran Hamdan has already left the Argos, indicating he didn't have his heart in football anymore! More than likely he saw that the Argos are still in turmoil and that he didn't want to be part of the Joke!!

nothing funny about a cfl team in turmoil

Really makes ya wonder about what kind of a job Adam Rita did checking this guy out. The guy bails before the vets even arrive? Those 3 wins last year are starting to look pretty good.

An Argo-Cat fan

I have heard the joke that after seeing what he was getting himself into by joining that team, he ran for the nearest exit.

Hamdan said he didn't want to play anymore, and that sounds similar to what was said by Chase Clement last season.

But we can be certain that there is one less QB on their roster, and maybe there is a chance that Danny Brannagan will not be working at an accounting firm in Hamilton soon.

I love it ... hopefully this is the start of a long season for those goofs.