One and Done

Folks lets face it we are one and done in the playoffs. This team lacks the heart, motivation and is poorly prepared for games. We are ROADKILL. But, on the good side hopefully we can finally say goodbye to Bellefool and his entire “coaching”
staff amd Kevin Glenn.

Yes but it starts at the top. OB got this team to 500 and decided Bellefee was his man. He traded away all the vets and saved some money.

If the players suck and the coaches suck the Manager sucks more.

Hopefull Obie retires and Joe Womack moves up.

Hopefully Mr. Young stops being so cheap and starts to pay for good players...

Sadly,I doubt we will see that (if ever) until we get the new stadium...

Ya gotta believe!! I picked this team to go 9-9,and they will!! They will do it in Toronto next week!

(sorry if the sarcasm dripped on anybody here)

Seriously, Bellefeuille has become the new Danny Barrett,who went 9-9 for at least three seasons, and was finally replaced by Kent Austin who took the Riders to the Grey Cup his first (and only) year

I am sure there will be a top-to-bottom review this off-season, and I predict a new Tiger-Cats HC in 2012 if the team again bows out in the Semi-Finals.

I think TOronto will beat them next week and they be 8-10

They go into Winnipeg lay egg season over or they get lucky and lose won of next 2

No Team from East has won Grey cup from 3rd place since the 70's

I certainly hope Mitchel and Obie read these threads. This team is undisciplined and unmotivated. The coach and his staff are ill prepared and stuck on stupid. Just for a second this afternoon I thought the Hamilton City Council were coaching this team. This afternoon is proof positive how not to sell seasons tickets. Kevin Glen has a noodle for and arm and should be released after they get blown out in the ES. What an absolute pathetic display of football. I certainly hope the players, coaches read this thread. I know Bob Young does................................ WE SUCK

Hi Welder:

There is a salary cap that the teams must adhere to and they did get Rey Williams and Avon Cobourne during the offseason, so I don't think that Bob Young is going on the cheap.

I think that Obie has done a pretty good job of bringing in the talent for this team. I, personally, don't believe it's the skill level of the players that's at issue here. It's the coaching.

You can have the best playing talent in the entire league, but if they're not deployed properly or the scheme is not good, then they're not going to be effective. This team has, at times, has looked awesome (Moncton and Labour Day). Yet, for other games, appeared completely lost and unmotivated.

Don't forget Mitchell is already on the record as supporting Marcel. Would it be wise for Obie after that is said to say that the coaching is bad or needs to be replaced???

Not if he's brown nosing, but if he thought he could find a better coach he should talk to Mitchell and Bob. I assume Marcel and rookie OC's and DC's are the lowest paid in the league. See a trend here... CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP

Hi Snocross67:

So what team in this league has gone over the salary cap? I honestly can't think of one. Even if the Cats haven't, I can't blame Bob Young for not doing it. We all have to live within our means and be responsible to a budget. If not, then you could see EVEN higher ticket prices in the future.

Who have we gotten rid of because of money issues. Bruce wasn't getting it done. McDaniel wasn't even dressing for most of the games this season. Mann wasn't very productive either.

Because Obie goes along with the status quo doesn't mean he's brown nosing. In any company you work for, there has to be respect for the hierarcy.

And who's to say that Obie hasn't already broached the subject privately to his superiors and they nixed it. Maybe it was honestly felt that these people, if given the opportunity would blossom. Trestman was a rookie coach in this league just a couple of years ago. What about Miller? What about Kent Austin? Inexperienced isn't always bad. And doesn't always indicate that the organization is cost saving.

Okay we stunk,we stunk bad!!!
But guess what, we are still in the playoffs!
This has to be a throw away game.
This team obviously has the talent to beat any team in the league(where was it yesterday?) and I still believe we can.
Lets finish off in T.O. and do some damage in Winnipeg and Montreal and the big one in B.C.
At this point of the season there will be no changes to the head office or the coaching staff so it is what it is.
We have a great team here, capable of crushing any team out there if they play to their potential!

And that’s the concern, Grover.

At least half the time this team doesn’t play to that potential. And it’s anyone’s guess when they do.

In your wishlist, you’re asking this team to win 4 games in a row to attain the Grey cup. Something they haven’t done all season. And to win 3 playoff games in a row. Something else they haven’t accomplished in a LONG LONG time. And to win those games on the road…you get my point!!!

I want so much to believe in what you saying…however…recent history is working against you!!!

Only one last year. Saskatchewan was over by only $26,677.

teams appear to be competing on a similar financial plane with respect to players' salaries (wealthier teams could of course find advantages in other areas of football operations, such as boosting their coaching or scouting budgets or building better weight-training and rehab facilities). At least one team has exceeded the cap in each CFL season so far (Montreal and Saskatchewan in 2007, Saskatchewan in 2008, Winnipeg in 2009 and Saskatchewan again this year), but every violation except Montreal's has been by less than $100,000, and the Alouettes lost their first-round pick and paid a hefty fine for that excess.
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Sad thing is, a few times during the season (Labour Day, Moncton, last week vs. B.C.). they have made a liar out of you...what IS true is that we never really know when that will happen...

The GREAT/LOUSY/FRUSTRATING thing about the CFL is that this team MAY still win a Grey Cup...not saying they will, but if they do, can we honestly say we'd be surprised given that it may be time for the "good" Tiger-Cats to poke their heads out...