Once Labatte is back, will Sisco start?

I'm pretty sure in the BC game that Jordan Sisco was starting at Receiver basically because they had to fill a Canadian starting position having another Import on the O-Line.

I'm going to guess that when Labatte comes back that Harper will be starting once again.

or will Rob sit?

no because Rob Bagg is better than Sisco.

I'm not sure you can accurately make that assessment given the very limited amount of playing time Sisco has received. Bagg may have more experience but same pessimism towards Dressler, Fantuz, Getzlaf until they all started getting some consistent playing time.

History says that Rob is a bigger asset, this season says Sisco has played better. Rob appears to playing mental games with himself.

I wouldn't mind seeing them putting in Sisco in place of Hill for a bit the way he has been playing so far this year.

I wouldn't mind if they cut Hill -- he is the most useless receiver since Karsten Bailey...

Did you forget about Nunn?

Bagg tweaked his knee, so I'd rest him or be ready to subnin Sisco. If they get a big lead, I'd switch in Sisco for Bagg to get reps. New import reciever announced today so hHill or Harper maybe sitting soon.

with Bagg out for 9 games.. Harper will play.

Bagg is not playing...not dressed...9 gamed...there is no swapping in Sisco...Sisco will start, Harper will rotate in.

Was another receiver announced today or are you referring to Harris (he was actually announced yesterday, so I assume it is one in the same, but perhaps there was another)? Harris is a WR, not a SB, but they may by all means intend on converting him to inside. It is more likely that Taj Smith will be gone, and Harris taking his spot

oh, ha...was just looking and Taj Smith is now actually off the PR.

Jock Sanders is also up on the depth chart now. They are only dressing 2 WR, so expect to see Hill rotated outside a bit. McHenry can also line up as a receiver if need be.

I forgot about that guy.

I was hoping to forget about that guy. Thanks, Sam... :wink:

Bagg is out so Sisco should be able to cover?