Once again Tom Wright A Little Slow On the Ball


This doesn't really surprise me though Tom Wright seems to be behind the times.

Better late then never I guess but yeah.

In Tom’s defense, I don’t believe He was even approached on the whole topic. Or, I don’t think that Toronto or Winnipeq seeked his approval. I believe they just did it based on their personal interests and, not of the CFL. I also don’t think we’ve had much of these cases in the past - it’s only been last year and this year where we’ve started acquiring these players. I think Tom is doing the right thing and putting his foot down.


YEA...well having read the article...SO WHAT...we knew this all along and because of all the uproar they now have to address it.

I mean REALLY...how many people have been saying in the threads.."OH, they can't do that" and "Tow Wright allowed this"!

Gimme a break...they can't change the rules as they see fit as it goes. They will have to amend the reciprocal agreement with the NFL. That will take time.

Gee, wonder who said that 3 days ago...??? :lol:

Sounds like a topic for the next BoG meetings in Phoenix… :roll:

So, Hitchcock. you think it is all Tom's fault
that this NFL/CFL co-operative agreement

doesn't have a clause forbidding us
from signing suspended NFL players?

Tom Wright likely wasn't even around
when this agreement was drawn up.

What Tom is doing is initiate talks
to make changes in this agreement

according to this quote in the article.

"Wright [also] told the Sun he's already spoken with NFL officials
about amending the agreement so that both leagues
will honour each other's suspensions."

Ok Ron,

No I don't think that it is all Tom Wrights fault but I do think as the Commissioner of the League he has a big chunk of responsibility of things that take place on and off the field. I guess my point is that something like this should have been in place prior to being discussed now.

I also cast my vote as undecided because I am not really sure what my thoughts are about Mr. Wright. I didn't really create this thread to express my opinion on the matter although I didn't have a problem expressing my opinion it was more to hear other peoples thoughts on the article and things along those lines.

Would also like to hear what the Caretaker has to say on this situation

The negs to amend the agreement have been going on long before the whole issue of whatsisname coming to Argos.

And yes, it s/b part of that deal that CFL is forced to honour NFL suspensions.

All I know is that the league is on a high, and Tom Wright is the commissioner so he must be doing something right.

I say keep him.

Ricky’s signing was between the Argos and the Dolphins.

The NFL and CFL, as leagues, had very little, if anything, to do with it.

BINGO :rockin: :rockin:

Why blame Tom for not closing the loophole sooner? It's not like suspended NFL players have been beating down a trail to the CFL.

The fact that it's being viewed as a viable option reflects well on the league.

(PS - Onterrio wasn't under suspension. He was a free agent with a troubled past)

I think that TW is trying to "mend some fences" with the NFL. I'm sure there are people at the league level who are totally ticked at the Argos, and through association, with the CFL for not honouring NFL's suspension of RW.

It's only politically good sense to "close the loophole" as arguably the CFLwould not be around today without all of the past support the NFL has given under the agreement.

Overall I think Tom has done a good job. The CFL is strong, he saved Hamilton and Toronto, but left Ottawa out in the cold. A salary cap has been created, although not implemented. This is far more than previous comissioners have done.

As far as the NFL/CFL agreement goes, I am a little dissapointed. While it's hard to say what has happened behind the scenes I believe the Commisioner should have stepped in and told the Argos no. I can't see why he couldn't have threaten to have the agreement modified to cover this issue. He would have received full support from the NFL, and support from the majority of CFL teams. :frowning:

I think Tom inherited the Ottawa ownership problem. Only now is he saving them.

I believe the Commisioner should have stepped in and told the Argos no.
He didn't have the authority or power to stop it. And remember, all of the other teams eventually agreed with the Argos to make this happen.

While not everyone agrees with letting Ricky play, one thing I really like is how the owners, while competitors on the filed, are partners in business. It’s heartening for the league when you see teams go against their own wishes for the greater cause. It’s got to be a very tough thing to do.