Once again the Bomber organization is unprepared

Firstly a lady was told she couldn't bring in a small halloween chocolate bar and when a supervisor came after she threw it away and went in the supervisor motioned she could have kept it. Come on guys, give your security proper instruction.

Then with 7 1/2 minutes left in the third quarter the wife goes to get two cups of coffee and once again this season they are sold out. Are you kidding me?!!!

This isnt the first time this year they run out of stuff. i went three seperate times one game in three different quarters and they were out of popcorn, hotdogs and coffee. In a game and time of year where its cold they shouldn't be running out of coffee, or at least let me bring my own so I know i will have for the whole game. Rediculous!!!

Come on Buchko, you are not making the fan experience better. At least let me bring my own then or how about putting your number on the jumbotron so when this does happen fans can let you know and you can bring them some from the Alumni room-I doubt they run out, or are you above answering to the fans?

I did notice though that after they ran out of coffee and hot chocolate last night they hadplenty of beer to serve.

This is supposed to be a game day experience and not allowing outside items in is rediculous if you cant run a buisness well enough to provide warm drinks in a cold weather environment.

Children do not tollerate this kind of cold weather very well sometimes and if you cant even provide a hot chocolate for them to warm them up a bit to make the experience compfortable then there is a BIG problem.

Come on management, get it together. Not all of us want to drink booze when we go to these games.

I would love to bring my kids to a game but with all the problems at these events I dont want to subject my kids to this, never mind the drunken idiots that are not taken care of. Why would I put my kids in that type of environment?

The game day experience has gone completely down the tubes and seems to be getting worse game to game.

Come on CFL, you must have some stake and input to how this team is making you look? No?!

You are right on. The Bombers could go a long way to improving the experience in the stadium. Was at the game with my 12 year old son. The coffee and hot chocolate were being sold out of plastic cauldrons. They've had 58 years to get it right at that stadium. No excuses. None.

WOW, you take your 12 year old? You are brave.

I'm not sure I can take either of mione after what I have seen there over the last couple years.

Drunks, fights, lack of warm drinks and on oand on I could go.

Yeah...that sucks.
I have been to 5 games in 4 stadiums this year where it was 30C+ and they ran out of water by half time
That is just dangerous.

BC Place is the worst for concessions. They're out of stuff before the game even starts. The teenagers that they hire (probably because we have a training wage in BC) stand around and chat rather than serve you. Pavco is complete rubbish.

Well you two ruined his rant. Don't you know that some Bomber fans think Canad Inns Stadium is the only stadium in the world that has ever run out of something in the concession stands.

Took both my kids had a great time. So there sold out of stuff, you will live. Suck it up ! We skate when it,s -30 , best to get the kids toughened up, early when living on the praries. I'm sure the new stadium will have all the kinks ironed out. There are a lot worse things in this world to stress about then not having great service at a football game.

At least they don't serve beer in cans like they do in Regina...we all know how dangerous that can be to fans and the opposition!

Exaggerate much? Having been to well over 150 games at BC Place.. I have never seen them sold out of anything at halftime, let alone before the game starts. And please try and keep up with reality. The training wage was scrapped over a year ago. And even if it was still in place, the staff at BC place were not making it. The staff is part of the BCGEU, and there is no way the BCGEU would ever agree to a deal where their members made minimum wage, let alone a training wage. :roll:

If you are going to complain about concessions at BC Place, at least complain about real problems like the long lines and 70 year old people being ID'd for beer. There is no need to make up problems.

...what about boiled cabbage? bet there was plenty of boiled cabbage to be had

I’m not making up anything. I am a vegetarian. There are veggie dogs on the meenu. They NEVER have them.

At 2 different games in 2008 or 2009, right around kickoff I asked for veggie dog. Answer: “We don’t have them”. So why the hell am I standing in line missing kickoff?

THEN, first game back in dome after the new roof. I get in early to have a look around at the renos. Everybody’s having a big love-in for the new building, all the screens, new paint, multi colored seats blahblah. New fancy video screen menus. It says “Veggie dog” I figure, everything is new, I’ll give them another chance. “Umm, I don;t know if we have those, I’ll go check.” Goes in the back for 5 seconds, comes back out, sees someone behind me in line that she recognizes, chats them up, takes their order, forgets I exist. I ask a different server. “We don;t have those.” So I look up at the new fancy video menu and it says “tea”. You don;t see that very often at a stadium and I don’t like coffee, so I ask for a tea. “We don’t have that.”

It’s still 20 minutes to kickoff, you CAN’T have run out! You didn’t stock the stuff!

I could make up some stories if you want but sorry these are all true.

The service is complete rubbish and I’ll tell you why. Because the Lions don’t run the concessions, BC Place does. All Pavco knows is, ‘no outside food or bevs, and no in-and-outs, so that means it’s gouge time’.

If the Lions ran the concessions, there would be service as part of a positive game day experience.

If you go to Nat Bailey for a C’s game, you get SERVICE. It’s AWESOME! Why? Because the C’s run the concessions and they train all their staff to be quick and friendly. You get a first class game day experience.

BC Place doesn’t give a a damn. They have a retractable roof and cup holders for you $9 beer, so STFU and like it.

One of my young’uns has several severe allergies; as such, I bring her snacks along pretty much everywhere we go, including football games. I’ve never once had anything confiscated, even water that we’ve brought in for her (and yes, I purchase things at the concession as well), and if it ever comes down to that, one look at her allergy bracelet will be all it’s gonna take for them to feel like complete asses.

For the record, the Bombers do not run the concessions at Canad Inns Stadium. It is contracted out to a private company that runs concessions in various sports facilities in Canada and the US.

The beer lines here are just brutal. You can easily miss most of a quarter on hot days. They do it on purpose to limit our beer intake because we know they're making money hand over fist with the prices they charge.

Haven't been to many other stadiums or venues but Goldeyes Stadium here in Winnipeg has got to the best there is. They have all kinds of vendors who each run their own service, great selection. Its the way it should be. I am soooooooooo hoping its like that at the new stadium next year. If so, its going to be awesome because our new seats are on the isle right beside an exit. Can't wait !!

You forgot that the OVER PRICED beer is usually warm and the OVER PRICED Hot dogs are cold.

Thats why Mrs Sportsmen and I take in one of the fine establishments around BC Place before the game, have dinner and a beverage and then go to the game. I bet its been a few years since I paid for a warm beer and cold hot dog so it sound like I have been making the right choices the last 3 or 4 years.

really? a small chocolate bar? and coffee? really? seriously?this topic is real? i mean,talk about complaining for the sake of it really.. lol @ small chocolate bar.

perhaps the topic should be called.. once again the bomber fans dont understand the rules.

or once again bomber fans complain about the stupidest things ever.

or once again.. the bomber fans seem to think because they pay for a ticket they can bring in anything they want..

man seriously, what a joke of a topic. this is something my 8 year old niece might be upset about but grown adults? seriously? what the heck is wrong with the world when.. grown adults dont understand the basic rules.

out of coffee? lol...seriously? that makes me laugh.. how many coffees did u have? 10 of them? seriously... lol.

i'd be more disapointed about the lack of marshmellows in the hot chocolate really.. i mean what are they thinking really.

no coffee and small candy bars make people go something something apparently... CRAZY? apparently apparently.

who drinks coffee at football games? im actually impressed that they even sell it. thats cool, i mean, not a huge fan and definitely not into drinking it at sporting events.. were u reading the paper while in your seat? like what the heck. u just wake up? it was cold? ITS WINNIPEG.. do u hibernate all winter or always go out with a warm drink if you dont? man, if you do a coffee intervention is needed as judging by the topic,its true what they say about it.. MORE ADDICTING THAN CRACK.

....70 year old people being ID'd for beer

This was mentionned in a previous post in this same topic. I seen that happen in a college game in the US.

This had got to rank as the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen anywhere.

That's your problem right there :smiley:

:lol: :lol:

I've been to three games at IWS, and I've never had a problem. They've always had the food in stock, and it was always hot. Lines weren't too bad. The only negative would be the bathrooms. The lines there can get a bit out of hand, and I remember there being a problem with the sinks one time. Otherwise I've always had a pleasant experience.

Unfortunately, IWS is the only stadium I've been to.