Once again, Thank You Refs

for two very good games :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Yes you are going senile. I totally disagree with the quality of the Refereeing.

Non pass interference in the end zone results in a Calgary TD and that alone is the difference in the winner of the Rider game. If he is falling then fine let him fall, but to grab his right arm and force it behind his back, as two Refees watch, embarassing! Another non pass interference call should have helped kill any momentum they had. Stamps secondary continue to grab jerseys yet like Montreal they never get called. A joke.

Don't sweat it. You have till next July to experience it again :lol:

Excuse me . . . was it this season or last season that Montreal got flagged for more pass interference penalties than any other team?

Sorry for asking, I know that destroys an otherwise useful conspiracy theory. . .

The difference in the game was a blocked extra point run back for 2 and a quick drive down field for a field goal. Instead of a 17-14 Rider lead at the half the Stamps went into the locker room up 19-16.

That was the difference in the game.

Why you cry?

It's over and we should leave with class

Agreed, it was officiated fine. Let it go Starbuck.



Seriously? that's your reasoning. How about the stupid PI call against the Stamps that brought back a TD. You know the play where receiver and LB didn't even see each other and smacked in to one another triggering and illegal contact call on the other side of the field. You didn't mention that, or was that ok with you. And jersey grabbing?? c'mon now who's grabbing. I'm sure there is all kinds of grabbing going on lol.

There's always going to be iffy calls both ways that you have to suck up. Most Riders fans have been gracious.

my only complaint, was, the incredibly bogus 'unnecessary roughness' call on the argos for a tackle on KJ.

wasn't late, as he still had the ball.
wasn't horse collar.
wasn't after the whistle.
wasn't a hit to the head
wasn't facemask

just pure BS.

I agree - after what we have witnessed during the regular season I thought the games were well called. The only call I question in the Rider/Calgary game was the fact that Te George wasn't ejected from the game.

That's OK, every other call went the Argo's way, including a big gain pass interference where the replay clerly showed that the only penalty that should have been call was a face mask against the Argo receiver and the terrible reversal of the interception by Edmonton in the 2nd quarter and that one was a game breaker. The point to me even mentioning it is that for every call that goes one teams way, I could bring up a call that was worse on the other side. Get over it, whining after you won is worse that whing when you lose.

But if you say nothing the league thinks everyone is happy and nothing changes. If the fans don't speak up then Higgins must be doing a fantastic...... :lol: he must be the best..... :lol: :lol: ....I can't even type it without laughing.

I agree that we need to pick our games and these two are not the games to use as examples. Good by this seasons standard.

There is not a single game in this or any other football league where absolutely every call will be perfect. In fact I will guarantee that there will never be a football game, anywhere on this planet that will have every fan of both teams happy. If all you have to whine about is that one roughing the passer penalty should not have been called, I would say that was a very well reffed game. Especially when fans, players, coaches, media and league management has been on the refs all year to do a better job protecting the quarterbacks.

So basically we agree. Officiating was sub standard this season, needs to get better, but the two semi finals (decently officiated) are not the games to be using as examples of why we need improvement. Correct?

terrible INT reversal???
replay showed clear as day the tip of the ball was on the turf and not a catch.
can't ignore the video evidence.

Absolutely do not agree. Officiating as with all aspects of the game must always look to improving. That in no means suggests that the officiating was or is sub standard.

Guess it depends of who's looking at the replay. Point wasn't made to argue the merits of the call but to show that no matter what the officials do, someone can question the call or the interpretation.

So you think the quality of officiating was satisfactory this season? Not that there were no mistakes or no areas for improvement but in your opinion the quality of officiating was at the skill level of the league.

Not trying to turn this into a huge discussion just a question.

Absolutely! The fact that the vast majority of the time, the replay shows that the right call was made confirms for me that the refs have done a great job.