Once again no Wayne Shaw for CFHOF

Does anyone else see the problem here?

I can't speak to Shaw's suitability as a candidate as I either didn't see him play or don't remember him. But I can ask for the umpteenth time -- no Hank Ilesic? Really?

Je n'ai pas souvenir de Shaw car j'étais trop jeune, mais son résumé de carrière montre qu'il est certainement un candidat digne de mention.

Il y a beaucoup de joueurs oubliés dans chaque équipe pour ces reconnaissances, dont plusieurs peuvent être qualifiées de scandales. Dans un passé récent, Bryan Chiu me revient en tête constamment.

Shaw should likely be there....but he is in the POH and that probably means as much or more to him because it was his fanbase that pushed him there. JMO

Why not go start an Ilesic thread about it then?

Because it fits just fine in this thread, and because there are already way too many threads in these forums? This one had four replies in a week, so it's not as if mentioning another player somehow derailed the thread.

Thanks, I was just curious.

Shaw not being inducted is a travesty.....my memory might be shaky on this but I heard/read somewhere once that it may have to do with a big name ex-player who is involved on the selection committee having an issue with Shaw cuz injured him once on a clean hit. Or something along those lines.

Don't quote me and I have no idea as to the validity of this.

The lack of transparency around the selection process lends credence to theories like this. I personally think Ilesic is not in because he was a friendly source for Marty York, whom the CFL establishment hated. Shaw may be out for some equally petty reason.

The old boys club ? Perhaps they need some young blood in there.

Clyde Brock,a five-time West all star and four-time CFL all star, should certainly be in the Hall, his qualifications are better than many already in the Hall.

Also, Bruce Bennett, a six time West all star and one-time CFL all star, should probably be there also.

Adding these three, Brock, Shaw, and Bennett, might give that great 1966 squad more members of theHall than any other team...maybe that is the problem.

But that is no reason not to include them.

Well, Clyde Brock is now in the HOF, at last. That means that the 1966 offensive line has four HOF players plus two other all-star players, surely the greatest offensive line ever. But Wayne Shaw should certainly be in there, probably Bennett also (who recently passed away).

he was a solid player with 1 remarkable season, not sure thats enough to lock you into the HOF.