Once again ,GREAT T.V. numbers for the CFL!

According to the GLOBE and MAIL....AUGUST 3RD.....2005.


baseball , RANGERS vs. JAYS ....493,000......22% higher than the , JAYS average.

FOOTBALL, CFL......STAMPEDERS vs. B.C..........498,000........despite the late start.....11 EST time.......way above the CFL'S average of 414,000 :shock: :smiley: on, TSN.

3 times HIGHER THAN THE RAPTORS , or most NFL games shown in CANADA.


HOCKEY ...NHL DRAFT.........385,000

baseball...........RANGERS vs. JAYS.....282,000 [about the JAYS, average]

FOOTBALL ....TI-CATS vs. B.C.........473,000........CBC's second highest ratings of the season , so far. :smiley: :shock: :smiley:

I am not sure if these figures cover QUEBEC.....but if they do not, they would be even higher!

That is RIGHT , people ......the CFL is the # 1 watched sport in CANADA , until HOCKEY returns. :lol: :smiley:

I am sure they do cover Quebec

Allot of times they don't add in the RDS/CBC French T.V. ratings ..........and I have no idea why.

You noticing these numbers, Godfrey you a###ole?

GODFREY..........has seen the LIGHT...........Why do you think that he is kissing the ARGOS, butt now......and have signed a 15 year deal with the ARGOS at the R.C........... :lol:

You can't make money with 1 tenant at the R.C. :wink:

Great stuff, doesn't surprise me though, I watch each and every game on TV and go to every TiCats game, season ticket holder. The best value for my money in all of sports, love watching guys smashing and hitting each other with great running backs, receivers and kick returners flying around on a huge field that has been going on in this great country of ours for over a 100 years.

And talk about community, last night my wife and myself made bracelets at a restaurant in Hamilton as a Tiger-Cat and CFL fund raiser for cancer services in the community organized by Jarrett Harris who is the coordinator of Sportcares.ca, a little blurb as below. Great to see people at this event even though our TiCats haven't won a game all year, true fans of any sport know that this isn't the most important thing at all:

Hamilton – CFL Fans Fight Cancer is part of a growing movement by CFL fans to take action against cancer in their local community. As part of the Sportcares.ca family of fundraisers, CFL Fans Fight Cancer has helped raise over $50 000 for cancer charities at a grassroots level across Canada and the U.S. in under two years.

Comprised entirely of volunteers who have as much passion for their CFL team as they do for their community, CFL Fans Fight Cancer has a simple goal and motto:

Sack Cancer for the Touchdown of Life, by raising cancer awareness and funds for cancer charities in CFL cities across Canada and we're starting in Hamilton.

How do we do it? First, we get the team’s blessing and designate a cancer charity(s) for the city. Then we ask the fans for their help with making spirit bracelets and getting involved in our fundraising activities, which include collecting donations for Spirit Bracelets, hosting eBay and silent auctions featuring one-of-a-kind collectibles, and any other activity that helps the fight.

Bracelets? What bracelets? Sportcares.ca’s original cancer-fighting efforts started as the Les’s Fund Initiative, honouring Toronto Rock Lacrosse coach Les Bartley and everyone who is fighting cancer. Les fought cancer to the end, which came for him on May 15, 2005. The primary method of fundraising has been Lisa’s Beads spirit bracelets. After losing their mom, Lisa, to cancer in July 2003, Spencer and Taylor McBride and their three cousins decided to do something to make a difference. Each Lisa’s Beads bracelet is hand-made by a volunteer in the colours of the home team. For a $5.00 donation or more, supporters of CFL Fans Fight Cancer receive a spirit bracelet.

To kick-start this year’s fundraising efforts, CFL Fans Fight Cancer (Hamilton and Toronto chapters) gathered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for a pregame party before the Touchdown Atlantic game. With the help of donations from Reebok Canada, the TiCats, the Argos, Molson’s, and local Halifax businesses and artisans, we raised over $2400 for the Jeffery Naveux Bone Marrow Transplant Program through a silent auction in Halifax. The response was overwhelming and is just one example of the generosity and compassion in the CFL fan community.

CFL Fight Fight Cancers Promise to you: Every dollar given will be donated to a local cancer charity in the city where the money is raised. One of Sportcares.ca’s sayings is, “The money raised in your city stays in your city.� In Hamilton’s case, donations will equally go to the Juravinski Cancer Centre for research and Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Centre to help Hamilton kids and their families during such an incredible time.

How did Hamilton fans get involved? The organizers of Sportcares.ca are huge CFL fans and season ticket holders in Hamilton. Last year the Sportcares.ca/Les’s Fund organizers took action after hearing about Hamilton Tiger-Cats GM Ron Lancaster’s brush with cancer and started Hamilton - CFL Fans Fight Cancer.

As the movement grows we hope to have the Saskatchewan-CFL Fans Fight Cancer, and the Ottawa CFL Fans Fight Cancer and the BC-CFL fans fight cancer and so on and so fourth. At the end of the year we meet at Grey Cup and see who did the best and celebrate our efforts.

What’s going on eBay? The week before the Labour Day Classic, CFL Fans Fight Cancer will be holding our first online auction, featuring two CFL jerseys: one TiCats home jersey and one Argo away jersey, generously donated by Reebok Canada and signed by the 2005 squads at the Touchdown Atlantic game.

We at CFL Fans Fight Cancer/Sportcares.ca believe in the passion of the fan communities in the CFL, and we want to give everyone in those fan communities the chance to demonstrate that they love not only their team, but also their town and the people in it, too.

Help CFL Fans Fight Cancer grow. Do what you can, give your time, give your money either way you are helping raise cancer awareness and helping you and your neighbours fight a ruthless disease.

For more information on Sportcares.ca’s news, fundraisers, and dates, please visit www.sportcares.ca, and for more information on Lisa’s Beads bracelets, please visit www.lisasbeads.ca. Or contact Jarrett Harris, the Sportcares.ca coordinator, directly at jarecanada@yahoo.ca

Thanks for your time and interest! CFL Fans Fight Cancer invites you to join us in activities in your town and help “Sack Cancer for the Touchdown of Life!� We’ll see you around the game!

excellent stuff................a.k.a .......ilovelife........... :wink: :smiley:

And I am picking HAMILTON............this week...........if they hang on to the ball. :wink:

Earl: I stand and applaud the effort from you and your wife, the Hamilton Tiger Cats and all Hamilton fans. I love your vision for a Grey Cup of Cancer Fund Raising! This should be in all 9 cities! Keep up the good work.

I watched all the games last weekend and even listened to my Gades on the radio. I thought the Ti-Cats Eskies game was one of the best football games I had seen in a long time....Its great to see the ratings up. Maybe Sportsnet with take notice...

Week after week the highest and best sporting value and most entertaining TV package, remains the CFL. These latest TV numbers do not include the holiday Monday game between Winnipeg and Toronto. One would expect even greater numbers, how about 750,000 for TSN. Like I have been saying and no doubt most of you, the next TV deal for the CFL must be at least double in value or close to 20M per year range.

Thumbs up to Earl and his wife !

Thanks guys but it really isn't much of an effort, we spent about 21/2 hours with other TiCat and CFL fans making the bracelets and talking football and other stuff. And, of course, I downed a pint! Both myself and my wife work at the Cancer Centre here in Hamilton and we see cancer on a daily basis. I also lost my very best friend to the disease and this still affects me I must admit. Crap all the way. So a little time in the evening isn't much at all.

HERE , HERE...................... :smiley:

Since my bro suffer a cancer at the age of 28, we take it more seriously in the family. Its when someone close to you suffer from it that you realise how important health is. It was rough time for the whole family. Hopefully he win his fight, but we are always scared that cancer came back. Since that, i give every year money to fight cancer.


FOR THOSE .........who missed this post.........IT IS ABOUT a great cancer FUND raiser.

Okay Mr. Petty - we all get the point. No need to go about quoting the same thing AGAIN. What is this, the third time we’ve all had to read the same thing? Agreed, it’s a post about a great cause, and one that I advocate every chance I get, but it’s way past time to grow up now.

poor baby....................MAYBE YOU SHOULD GROW UP THEN......., ARE YOU LATE? :wink:

You're the one whining, and you have the audacity to call me a baby? Give me a break. I'm not the one whining in more than one topic that you're misunderstood. Poor baby. :cry:

O.K.............who always remains people to stay on topic?

......who doesn't like double quoting ?

It is not me.........and at most other sites on this planet , people do actually quote.And the MODS don't abuse their power.