On to the GC but....

I just wanted to say that I am soo happy that we are off to the GC its not even funny but.......

When I think of it something is missing, Dominguez is my favourite Rider and its just really too bad that he wont be playing. Ever since he came here he embraced this community and he has put allot (including 2 serious knee injuries) into this team. He deserves to be playing but allas so does Kevin Glenn. I just feel for bolth thoes guys.... well MD moreso but that is to be expected.

Yeah I was thinknig about him not even 5 minutes ago. Its too bad, but I am sure he would give up his season if that meant the team would win...

You know Dominguez would love to be playing. But I'm sure he will be just as happy if the Riders can win next week.

I mentioned this on the Bomber forum, but too bad we won't have the East/West MVP's going at it next week, but definately not counting out Wpg. Roberts, Stegall, Armstrong - they have some good weapons.

Though he's not playing in the playoffs, I don't think we would have been here if not for his contributions at the start of the year. If we win, he gets a ring, right? Or does he need to be on the roster?

He gets a ring

anyone listed as any part of the team gets a ring, to bad it'll be on stegalls finger.

On stegalls finger? what is he being traded to the Riders :slight_smile:

My only consolation if the Riders lose...Stegall gets his ring. Good on him.

My only disappointment if the Riders win. Stegall may wind up retiring without a ring.

Ah what the heck....GO RIDERS. :slight_smile:


you guys only wish stegall wore green lol. nah i am saying it seeing how the blue will take it home. just creating some fun talk. can;t wait for this game it will be amazing to say the least.

This is like Labour Day x100. And we all know how big Labour Day is!!! :wink:

Well regardless whom wins it will make next years Labour Day game more interesting.

That's for sure. It can only but intensify an already intense rivalry ... nothing wrong with that!

way to go riders
this will be the best grey cup
it should be a close one
but being i'm a bomber fan i'll have to say blue 27 riders 25
but who ever wins both teams can take pride and hold thier heads up high,the best two teams this leauge has to offer made it to the show.
good luck to both teams and most of all to the fans on both sides of the ball. :rockin: :cowboy: :thup: :smiley:

god beautfighter.. what are you smoking?

Glenn out, it's not going to be close.

thats ok to think that. the blue play better underdogs and if your team believes that i think there in for a shock with dinwiddie

they won't Football mad. Afterall, this is Austin! he's going to make sure that his team is prepared like never before!

they won't take dinwiddie for granted at all.

They'll prepare as if it was Glenn playing!

Riders will be ready!

I agree with beaufighter....the two best teams this year it will be a great show. Also two teams that have the most supportive fans. Amazing. You couldn't ask for anything more. I think the game is going to be very close. Winnipeg is a very strong team and I don't think that just because Glenn is out that they won't come prepared. It will only fire the Bombers on more. But lets hope that the Riders will also be prepared and bring the Cup home.....

Congradulations on beating BC. Glenn out with a broken arm puts a shadow over everything but Winnipeg and Saskatchewan in a Grey Cup is Awesome.

It's going to be a great party in Toronto, wish I was there !