80 YEARS AGO.. the winnipeg football club was born. June 10th :slight_smile: beautiful isnt it.. i just want to say.. happy anniversary bombers and to all their fans over the years back in the day to today and in the future :slight_smile: Lets make this season a good one :slight_smile:

just gonna add also...

does anyone find it strange that we have cut 3 guys and all 3 have 1 thing in common.. well ok 2 things.. 1. they were released cuz they were hurt and more importantly and possibly more telling 2. They all had playing time in the NFL.

looks like wallace and brink are the only 2 with nfl experience.. i suppose dimichele went 13/22 for 130 something yards and a td last season in an eagles exhibition game but he doesnt count :stuck_out_tongue:

You forgot to include Butler in the group that has NFL experience. I can't see him being cut.

Happy anniversary, Bombers. Gosh, And thank you to the late Vince Leah for coming up with such a great name for the team.

Sunday should be fun, the weather is looking good and they have spruced up the stadium a bit with some posters of the legends hanging from the upper decks.

Here’s hoping the weather’s nice for a change…really looking forward to seeing what these prospects can do!