On this day in 2003

Lifted this from CFL Reddit.


The 98 Eastern Final, the 99 Grey Cup, and the announcement of our first ever Caretaker!

These moments shaped my young life as a fan.

Now would be a great time to form some new life long memories.

Lets get the Cup!!


The mysterious Mr. X as I recall until he was officially announced to the media.


So were not moving to Burlington ?

Aldershot isn’t really Burlington

Last thing Grant said was “maybe the next owner should look at Burlington” . According to him HAM proper was a dead market.

I remember Grant and MacDonald were a bit miffed that Bob Young was getting credit for “saving” the team. They felt they should have been more appreciated for the time they spent as owners.

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Talk to Mike McCarthy about the the Cat budget under Grant and Mac Donald . Mc Carthy had to use his home computer for recruiting and of course we drafted the owner’s son .
|44|HAM|GRANT, Will
Acadia|QB| 6th round pick in 2001 . What a joke :roll_eyes:

Many ownership groups back then were led to believe there was an actual salary cap and then soon found out it wasn’t the case (Argos tried to list Joe Montford at a 40k salary.)

Like how Bob Young has managed the Ticats or not he has always had a “for the greater good of the league” mentality, sometimes even to the HTC detriment.

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The salary cap doesn’t explain drafting the owner’s son who was 5 foot nothing .

The 5 year plan master