On this day in 1962

On this day in 1962, Joe Zuger set a CFL record in his first career start when he threw eight TD passes in a 67-21 victory over Saskatchewan.

Frank Cosentino also threw two TDs for Hamilton in the game, setting a new single-game record for TD passes by a team with ten.


Zuger for the Hall of Hame. Decades overdue. :+1:


Three missed converts?
Probably the only time that wouldn't bite us in the butt... lol


67 points for one team in one game????

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Team should be using that as a blueprint

Yeah. There was a time when we had great teams.


Said grumpy Ticat fans on the 1962 equivalent of a chatroom: "Big deal. We were way too dependent on the passing game - we're in trouble if we can't mount a more balanced attack."


Great memories of great Ti-Cat teams. Frank Cosentino to Tommy Grant. Totally unacceptable that Joe Zuger is not in the Hall of Fame.


Yeah but we have Marv Levy with 5 years of service . Nice guy and good coach but 5 years ? The Bombers' Bud Grant is the greatest of all examples of a 3 year Peg player (after 2 years with the NBA Lakers), 10 seasons as the Peg coach with 4 Grey Cup wins in 6 appearances . He coached the NFL Vikings for 18 years and like Levy , he got to 4 Super Bowls with no wins .
Joe Zuger had 30 years as a CFL player , scout , assistant coach, and Grey Cup winning general manager of the Cats and 3 Cups as a player in Hamilton .

Grant and Zuger should be used as the template for greatness in the HOF .

Pat Lynch (My brother and I were in the south stands for Joe's record setting game).


Not exactly uncommon in NCAA games.
On a PROFESSIONAL level though...

Pretty rare but 60+ points does happen every few years. In 2019 Cats beat Argos 64-14 and in 2017 the Stamps beat the Cats 60-1.

Alouettes hung 82 points on us in 1956! Still a record for points by one team. Rematch was a week later and I think Hamilton put up 50 plus points in revenge.

So Mister older-than-dirt, were you selling hot dogs and sodas then, or a bona fide spectator? I was there too, but as a 10-year-old who snuck in! :innocent:

I was a 17 year old ticket holder up in the nosebleeds . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Pat Lynch (older than store bought dirt)

OK, so now we know. Using my hand-crank calculator, that makes you...umm...

2021 - 1962 - 17 + (alpha*dirt)^3 - (beta/dirt) + sqrt(1)^2 - 1

... that makes you pretty darn old (and you are correct, much older than dirt)! :crazy_face:


What kind of dirt? Triple Mix? :wink:

Not only older than dirt, you're even older than me, Pat.
I was a 16 year-old season ticket holder, in my seat on the aisle, Section 21, south side, behind the east end goal line. From about 20 rows up, it was a great seat for TD viewing.

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Oh no ! Not that expensive dirt . I can barely afford my "bread bag shoes" .

Pat Lynch ( a big Moe Szyslak fan)

No, c'mon don't shortchange yourself. Top quality dirt even has a bit of B.S. mixed in occaisonally. Nothing wrong with that. :wink: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Paraphrasing a former PM: Dirt is dirt. What kind of dirt? It's dirt. Dirt is dirt. And when you have good dirt (like Pat), it's because it really is dirt.”