On this day in 1869 the TiCats were born

We have come a long ways and we will continue


Sorry. On this day - the day that you posted - MY FIRST GRANDCHILD WAS BORN!!!!!
(Been waiting a looooooooong time.)

This news takes pre-eminence but I do think someone else might have commented sooner while I wasn't otherwise occupied with celebrating.


Congratulations. Future linebacker?

Nah..... unless the league changes more than I might imagine. She might be the team physician (her mom is a family doctor and here's a shot from when she was 3 days old).

PROMISE: Only grampa pic. (You get one.... right?????????)


What a cutie. You must be a very proud Grampa. (If a woman can be vice-president of the USA, perhaps she can be a CFL linebacker. She'd have to toughen up though, right? :rofl: :+1: :+1:)

At 7 lbs. 3 ounces maybe not linebacker. Ball hawking DB?

Just remember to tell her that "26" although not officially retired will always belong to one player to fans of a certain vintage.

Maybe she can make it great again...

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