On this date 11/28/99......19 years ago today

The Cats won the Grey Cup . One wonders when oh when will they ever win another one ? Where does the time go ? Looking back to 1999 from a personal point of view I was in my late thirties then (38 to be exact) had three young kids aged 10 , 7 and 5 and was in my 18th year of service where I used to work . Flash ahead to the present and I’m now in my late fifties, have 3 adult grown children aged 29 , 26 and 24 and retired after 32 years on the job . :o

Anyways here is a photo montage of that day 19 years ago for everyone to enjoy and to take a trip down memory lane to a time when this team was actually good enough to win the Grey Cup .

The “Cooler” Carl Coulter

Coach “O” celebrates with “Shell Shocker” Shelling and Frank West

Mr . 3rd Down gamble , number #15 Joe Hagins along with Tommy Henry and Tony Akins


Darren “Batman” Flutie celebrates with the Wizard of Oz .

Game MOP Danny Mac and Top Canadian Mike Morreale with the big prize .

Danny Mac , I’m taking this baby home with me tonight .

The “Little General” post game interview

The Hat

The Ring

The team

Great pics bobo, It was an awesome team!!

Hey, we can’t stop growing old, but, we can stay immature forever! :wink:

Having ended the 20th century as champions, I say we were indisputably the best team of the century. (Whoever holds the trophy when time expires, wins.) If anyone disagreed they should have dethroned us sometime between November 28 and December 31, 1999 - but they did not.

Technically the 20th century ended on December 31, 2000.

Not in the popular imagination, much less the zeitgeist of the universe. Didn’t you ever listen to Prince?

Well then you stick to imagination and I’ll stick to facts. ;D

So we won the Grey Cup in 1999, wasn’t that like 46 years ago ?

Pat Lynch (the old Y= mx + b guy)

Thanks for the pics Bobo.
Both happy and sad at the same time.
Since then, first Montreal dominated for a long time, then spinkled with Argos winning 3; and now these pesky Red blacks.

Hopefully the Schooners don’t win the cup before us; then again I had said the same thing about the Red Blacks in 213.

#34 is cdn RB Jarret Smith

Danny Mac and Lancaster - just awesome! Was at the game in Vancouver, can’t believe it’s been 2 decades.

Just to show how things have gone around the league in these past 19 years since our last Cup , here is a chart of every teams appearances and W/L record in the Grey Cup since the 2000 season . Not only have we not won it (along with Winnipeg), we also have had the fewest appearances since 1999 . :-[ :’(

Montreal…8 games…3 wins…5 losses…GC Champions (2002, 2009, 2010)
Calgary…7 games…4 wins…3 losses…GC Champions (2001, 2008, 2014, 2018 )
Edmonton…4 games…3 wins…1 loss…GC Champions (2003, 2005, 2015)
B.Columbia…4 games…3 wins…1 loss…GC Champions (2000, 2006, 2011)
Saskatchewan…4 games…2 wins…2 losses…GC Champions (2007, 2013)
Toronto…3 games…3 wins…0 losses…GC Champions (2004, 2012, 2017)
Ottawa…3 games…1 win…2 losses…GC Champions (2016)

Winnipeg…3 games…0 wins…3 losses
Hamilton…2 games…0 wins…2 losses

I used to work with his father.

That’s unacceptable period, and considering the fact our owner has a very hefty net worth.

Please Bobrun this business with your prolific strategic skill set.

What does his net worth have to do with anything other than his willingness to lose money during his ownership. There is a salary cap and now a team operations cap. He could be a zillionaire and it wouldn’t matter.
Do you think he hasn’t been trying to run a professional organization or win a championship?

I think he’s done a fantastic job given where we were when he saved the Ticats from extinction. I don’t care about the 5 year plan people keep barking about. We still have a team. We have a new stadium (regardless of location).

This list is also interesting because it shows that having a dynasty in this era is very hard to do. Closest we’ve seen is the Trestman/Calvillo team. Even there they got help from a 13th man.

His Net Worth was established by his vision and great strategic capability. The man knows how to make money and be successful. So yes, it has everything to do with it.

Every business has its challenges… imports/tariffs/regulations/ salary caps! Great business masterminds know how to engage and overcome these obstacles.

I am positive he wants the Cats to be successful, but we haven’t won a grey cup in 20 years… so time to change up the business formula.

It’s a business afterall - we pay money on tickets, merchandise, sponsorship and it’s okay to “express your opinion? on wanting a better product. Better it is the more $$$ in his pockets.

Do you buy cold coffee?

Everybody who is a fan wants a better product. So does ownership. Don’t you think Bob Young is Davy enough to know what to do to run te organization the way HE wants to run it? He is business savvy but how much personal wealth he has , has no bearing on how much he can spend going forward to put a better product on the field. A cap is a cap. His football organization will be how HE thinks it should be based on his operating principles. Every organization in the world is run that way. It will likely take new ownership or major departures within the organization to alter it in any significant way.

Do you have any suggestions for him on how what a new organization would look like?

Without a doubt he wants to win.

Your comment insinuated because he’s wealthy, he should spent more on this team and reorganize to have a better product. I imagine he’s spending to the max allowed. I also imagine he’s organized the way he wants. No amount of forum bitching will change that.

And yes, I’ll buy cold coffee if I’m ordering an Iced Cappuccino.

You didn’t feel that“run this business with your prolific strategic skill set? was a useful suggestion?

Businesses struggle to expand or become successful when there is a lack of funding. That’s not the case here. Hope that makes sense. (all teams play the salary cap).

It’s okay to express your opinion and wanting a better product. I was at a restaurant the other night with my daughter, and a patron asked the server to remake their meal as it was wrong. That’s not bitching. The more patrons provide feedback – good or bad, it helps drive change.

Winning organizations – it starts with the owner to develop a winning culture, a deep rooted mantra. I love the name “caretaker? but with his proven abilities maybe become a little more hands on? I think there needs to be shake at the top which is a given. Human Capital plays a huge part in a successful brand, just look at the teams like Patriots, Stampeders, Red Sox (some examples)… everyone plays a part from ownership, management, feedback from the fans and their bank accounts.

Let’s agree to disagree. Besides, this discussion is totally off the forum topic.