on the right track

Great effort last night guys,your definitly on the right track,call me crazy but i still think you can end up 10-8 or even 11-7.If B.C. is supposedly the class of the league,judging by last nights game,the margin between first and worst is a slim one at best,beleive in yourselves,a turn around is very possible and soon coming,just ask the 86 Cats about it,started the season 1-5,ended it with a Grey Cup victory,going 10-4-1 down the stretch(playoffs included)Its not how you start..but how you finish,all the components are there,all you need is a little more discipline,some better luck and have someone pay off the sorry excuse this league has for officials.OSKIE-WEE KEEP THE FAITH!!!!!!!!!It can be done,and it will all start with the Bombers next week :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

i don’t think they will have that many wins, but if they keep improving each week, anything can happen.

Other than Lumsden, I don't think we did improve from last week when 2 receivers had over 100 yards. I think we should have brought Chang in.

I think we improved drastically on defence Mst every position on that side of the ball contributed to an overall good performance. I believe the fact that Lumsden rambled for over 200 yards of offence might be considered an improvement but your statement about the rest of the offensive team has merit. IMO it all comes back to one guy.