On The Rebound

With Ti-Cats, Bombers and Als (they're falling fast) all starting slow the question now turns to weather or not they'll be able to make a comeback or just fall to the bottom of the standings. Which team has the best chance of getting back in.

As much as I hate to vote against My Ti-cats here. Ive gotta go with winnipeg. As long as Roberts keeps playing well he'll carry the team to many more victories yet. He just bounces off guys like no tommorow. Gotta give him credit for that.

As for the Als they've got a great team, but there not playiong great team material and thats there downfall. Its becoming mroe and more obvious that they are not wrapping up on there tackles and that is losing them games. I dont think the Als are going to to far this year until they start working on it.

As for the Ti-cats. We need a healthy team to win. Sure were fairly healthy as it is. But in that game against BC we were missing one of our best defensive players in Barrenechea. And we desperatly needed him as well. Well make a come back yet jsut not right away. First and for most lets hope that Khari will start in a few weeks and start winning us some games. Because Mcmanus aint dong it.

I dont' think Montreal deserves to be mentioned with the other 2 teams...but since they are ill vote for them, caz the als will bounce back no question about it.

You beat me to it. I was going to say the same thing. I think Calgary should be in Montreal's spot.

I was thinking Calgary but for some reason my gut told me not. Why? I havn't the slightest clue because I actully think they should be there. I still think Montreal deserves to be in this.

Either way, I hope it is the Ti-Cats. Maybe I'm playing devils advocate here, but on the other end of the spectrum, I think the Lions are the team most likely to go into the tank.

Montreal has the tools to make it a great season. What they need to do is get better at using them appropriately.

In Hamilton... I'm not sure if they have all the tools. Is it the QB? Is it the receiving corp? Is a lack of leadership? Of hope? Of hungryness? This team lacks something.

As for WInnipeg, I'd say they went from very poor to very good in a way too short time. That makes them though to analyse. The weirdest thing is their defence was strong when their offence was mediocre, and during the game where they scored 51 points, the defence allowed 46... what a complete turnaround!

i'll go with Winnipeg, as they have played two solid games, but Montreal could turn around in a flash, and hamilton looks like its close to having a good team

.......whadda ya mean Calgary?......we're 2-2........last year's western semi-final teams were 9-9........sounds like we're right on track to make the playoffs........migod, we're actually halfway to equalling our win total from last season......so don't give me that 'are we going to bounce back?'........tigger bouces back........

.......sorry, just got back from getting my teeth cleaned so I'm a bit owlly.....almost time for Tequila.......

you can make the playoffs last year all you want....why would it matter? calgary is still 4th in the West, but i'd say you look good for a crossover

I have go with Montreal, but I think Hamilton will get it going this weekend. Don't be too hard on Danny Mac. He was throwing well and moving the ball last week. His recievers dropped some key passes. They should put up an inspirational banner in the Ti-Cat dressing room that says "Hang onto your balls and be a winner." Ah...maybe not?

I like that slogan maybe the Ti-cat players should go with it :twisted:

Montreal?...Falling?...and fast?...hmmm :?