On the plus side

With as bad as the game was,

Hargreaves with a grab and showed a bit of fight for the first down marker even with the game out of reach by that point. Too bad we don't see more of him. Good size, seems to have good hands.

Nice pick by Doggett on the sideline.

Serna continues to split the uprights given his chances (only 1 today). He's having a good season at least. Nice to see him rebound and be reliable week in week out after the way Berry treated him last year.

there is lots of up and coming talent thru this roster... thats why its such a shame that mike kelly is tearing this team apart and making the players lose interest and faith...

dogget,hefney, lenny walls,dorian smith, on the defensive side... combined with talented vets.... gavin walls, brown, simpson, javon johnson
offensively... bernard (despite fumbles has been good), bowman (well, we'l see) labatte... throw in reid and edwards..serna..

this team has some good vets and some good young players... obviously there are still some major areas of concern but i think there is a good core of guys to build a decent team around here... if they stick around after this mess is cleaned up that is...

its really a shame... this is really starting to bother me