On the long term success of the REDBLACKS

It’s probably not going to be this cut and dried, but what do you really think about the team’s chances to live long and prosper?

I personally think they’ll be a huge success and will be around for the foreseeable future.

After all the crap Jeff Hunt and company have put up with(the so-called "Friends of Landsdown", The Glebe and the like) I don't think that they will fold up shop and go away like Brad Watters or the Glieberman's.

Good point. If they were/are willing to put with all that they are clearly in it for the long run.

I see the advantage that the REDBLACKS will have over other teams is that the football team will not be using their revenue to pay for stadium rent or stadium construction pay back. The Renegades and the Riders had one of the highest rents in the CFL.
Now the owners, OSEG, are running/managing the stadium and the city gets its investment back from the Lansdowne re-build and the taxes, rents etc, not from direct rental payments from the CFL team.

Exactly. The financials of the team itself are but one part of a much larger project. Some of the early projections had them losing money on the team for the first eight years or so so they're quite prepared to do that as part of a bigger picture.

There is already more interest in this team, without a coach or a player signed, than there was in the Renegades. Midn you, the Renegades didn't have nearly as much time to prepare.

Now I could see a dip in years two and three when the new shine wears off. But as long as they remain competent and give off a vibe that they're committed (which Watters' group did not), they'll break the glass ceiling that many previous owners could not.

The other thing is Oseg and the city can make a ton of cash by hosting many events large and small for exzample as of now there not going to charge for those who want to use the huge new park so why not charge groups say $30 for day use and $60 for night use same with the outdoor rink why not charge groups if they did it would work out great.

The new underground parking lot should be a big money maker. It won't only be used for football and hockey games but also for people looking for parking for shopping or the nightlife, restaurants, bars on Bank street.

There is no question the parking will be a huge money maker it will be interesting to see how much the charge and if they up it for concerts and sporting events.

I'm not sure how that works. My guess is that, for example, if the city wants to rent it out to the Tulip Festival people, the revenue goes into the waterfall.

I do't recall whether possible revenues from rental of that field were taken into account or if it's all going to the city. Good question to ask.

If your a soccer team or another sports team and you can pay to rent the field or use the park for free my guess is most will pick the park and this could create a big issue for Oseg and the city.

Meh. The park won't have lines or any kind of separation preventing anyone else from walking through th team's "practice". I don't think it will really matter.

I would think that PSEG would be pretty accomodating, however they need the practice space for their own clubs as well, of course, so...

Soccer teams have to rent the fields in Ottawa from Parks and Rec, you may be able to run around and kick a ball with friends but all soccer fields must be booked for any league including the house leagues. Also they will be putting up the Dome again for winter soccer, the Dome must be rented and it's not cheap.