On the lighter side...

A lot of serious things happening. Here’ something dumb and maybe fun.
Who (past or present) has the best football name? No nicknames.
I was going to pick Junior Ah-You, until I remembered…

No way anyone tops that.

…Tom Canada

He was number four on my list. It was cool when he played on Canada Day.

“Down Town” Eddie Brown

Fun fact: He is NFL’s Bad Boy Antonio Brown’s Father 8)

C’mon Grover…NO NICKNAMES.
That is a fun fact though.

Granville Liggins

Simoni Lawrence 8)

Bonus points for an entire unit of a team?

Tiger-Cats receiving corps, late 1980s: Tony Champion, Earl Winfield, Rocky DiPietro, Lee Knight.

Bonus points awarded.

HaHa Clinton Dix

Money Hunter

Wrong Eddie Brown.

“Touchdown” Eddie Brown is Antonio’s father.

Annis Stukas, Royal Copeland, read story err Red Storey

still a big fan of joe theisman

Eric “The Flea” Allen. RIP Eric.

henry ‘gizmo’ williams
michael ‘pinball’ clemons

Hows about the Wonder Boy ? Wonderful Monds who had the most wonderful of all Afros in all of football . 8) The best thing about him though is the fact that his real full given name was actually Wonderful Terrific Monds jr . Being the modest guy he was though he simply shortened it to just Wonderful and then later to just Wonder . ;D And of course his son just happens to be named Wonderful Terrific Monds III .



And one of the scariest stares I’ve ever seen (I worked Carleton U residence one summer when the Riders held camp there) … but actually a decent guy

One of the best names for a DE ever … Steve SMEAR


I had a dentist named Dr. Killus. Does that count?