On the bright side...

…the Esks aren’t the only terrible team. Lord… Between the Esks, Lions, and Bombers, I don’t know which team sucks more. None of them deserve to make the playoffs, but one of 'em is gonna.

Let the race to see who sucks less begin! :lol:

I’m going to go with the Eskimo Empire.

So do you mean the Esk's suck more or suck less? :lol:

At this point I'd say all three suck equally. :lol: I don't know where the hell the Bombers were tonight, but they sure as hell weren't in Montreal. :lol:

They will make the playoffs as the 6th seed.

At least when Campbell drops an easy pass he seems upset, Bowman on the Bomber's seemed to think it was hilarious when he did it last night.

A different spin on 'the bright side' ... at least the Esks have gotten their mngmt/coaching crap out into the open before labour day. That gives them a chance to make enough chages to grab that 6th playoff spot.

Sure it could be said the Bombers did theirs in the off season, but it's not really working.
And the Lions likely have their changes still to come.

I read a little blurb earlier that said Buono has no intention of changing up the coaching staff. He said the reason the Lions aren't winning is because the players aren't executing. So I imagine the Lions will keep spinning their wheels.

On team 1040 the interviewed Wally and he mentioned that he called Hall to tell him to keep up the good work and don't let the losing bother you. :wink: :wink: :wink:

I heard read about that too. In 2007, Wally was here in Campbell River to give a spiritual speech and did mention how he got into football, his playing days and coaching career. Great person to talk to.

Wally is a class act win or lose he still comes on the radio 2 or 3 times a week .


Ricky Ray will start this Saturday. Thankfully his injury wasn't serious.

I saw the headline yesterday. Good news for the Esks. Of course, the bad news is we're still playing the Roughriders this weekend. :lol:

I saw that too, and I found it a bit problematic.

Basically Wally was saying "it's not our (coaching staff) fault, it's the players' fault."

He may be right.

But, even if he is right, is that a proper thing for him to say to the press? If I were a Lion and read that, I would be significantly less than impressed, being called out like that. Might not do wonders for locker room morale it seems to me.

Putting the team's struggles solely on the players is actually an indictment of Wally's performance as GM. If these players are so inept, so apparently unable to play assignment-sharp football at the level required to win more than one game that isn't against the other worst team in the league, what does it say about Wally's ability to bring in talent? This is the team he built.

I'm split on this...

On one hand with, surprisingly, the playoffs not out of the picture it makes sense to go with your best QB.

But on the other hand, if he's not 100% then he could be a liability rather than an asset.

The other issue is that if they rush him and he gets re-injured he could be lost for the season.

A tough call no matter what.

PRJack wrote; "The other issue is that if they rush Ray and he gets re-injured he could be lost for the season". Very true as Sask. without a doubt will be coming on the blitz and then some. I just hope Ray picks up on that and has an option available. Seeing Zabransky in the game will benefit as well as he can roll out and run, but it's all going to come down for the right plays at the right time to beat the Roughriders. As for a different light; would be nice also to get it done on special teams/turnovers. Coach Hall will make his decision on who starts at QB later in the week once the preps are done.

I thought the exact same thing. That's why I expect BC to keep spinning its wheels... which I don't mind terribly. Means the final spot will be decided between Edmonton and Winnipeg.