On the bright side of things ...

... the 100th Grey Cup will be a truly east-west game (as God intended). What team is more "East" than Toronto? And what team is more "West" than Calgary?

Toronto brings the historical perspective of being the oldest club, while Calgary was the first to infuse a party spirit into the game with all its damn horses in the hotels and pancake breakfasts and so on.

So ... that's the bright side of things for all the rest of us in the league.

Great sentiment, one error. The Toronto Argonauts were founded in 1873, the Hamilton Football Club was founded in 1869. That team became the Tigers, which merged with the Wildcats to create the Tiger-Cats in 1950. Different name, same history, just like the Decatur Staleys became the Chicago Bears. Toronto is the second oldest team.

Not bad Kenny Ploen.2, not bad. I will remind my BC Lions fans friends of that. It should make them feel a little better. They took a chance that the Lions were in the Grey Cup for a second year and bought tickets to the game long ago. They will now be looking for some Argo jerseys in Vancouver to wear to the game. The two teams that are in the Grey Cup are in because they earned the right. They are both very good teams. It should be a great game because I do not know if I would call either one an underdog this time around.

Any history prior to the formation of the league is irrelevent. Any team history prior to Lord Grey donating the trophy is irrelevent. Any CFL history prior to CFL forming in 1958 is irrelevant.

Totally disagree with all that … though I’m pretty sure you’re being tongue-in-cheek Voice of Reason. The CFL is just one more organizing body in a long line of organizing bodies of this great game we call “Canadian” football. And Blogskee … thanks for the history lesson!

Not tongue in cheek at all. The history of Grey Cup competition began in 1909 with the donation of the trophy. Any history prior to that is not Grey Cup history. The CFL began in 1958, any history prior to that in not CFL history.

Call it what you want but in terms of the Grey Cup, all the teams that were competing that first year are all the same age, in terms of Grey Cup history.

Guys, can you all just try and get along with only one week before the Grey Cup? I have a big headache and my wife and I are still reeling and in mourning after yesterday. :cry:

:thup: :cowboy:

Look guys, the west was "had", who thought a Kevin Glenn could garner the respect he got from that Stampeder team? Don't think many gave the Stamps a chance, I certainly didn't but it happened, what happened. You never know is sports.
____________Any history prior to the formation of the league is irrelevent. Any team history prior to Lord Grey donating the trophy is irrelevent.

You really need to bone up VoiceofReason (or non reason as I might say) and read some Canadian sports history books. You're out to lunch bud. History is always relevant going back to whenever. Of course we do know what is happening in the Middle East right now, don't we? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :?

Get a grip and read of bit VoR. :? :? :?

Nobody says it is not history, I said it is not Grey Cup history. History does not pre-exist. I came into this world on the day I was born, my history starts then. You are the one who needs to read, at least you need to read that which you are commenting on. You could say that the Toronto Argonauts started with Jason if you like, the Grey Cup did not.

The oldest team in the league started on the day the league started, not a minute before.

Well …semantics aside … I believe they’re calling next week’s context in Toronto the 100th Grey Cup game. At least, that’s what I’ve heard :roll:

No one said it was Grey Cup history. It was pointed out that Toronto was the oldest team, not the oldest team of the Grey Cup era. I corrected that and said that Hamilton was the oldest team, not the oldest team in the Grey Cup era.

And the oldest team in the CFL is not based on when the CFL started. Your analogy to your birth isn’t the same thing. You didn’t exist prior to your birth, the Argos (and the Hamilton Football Club) did exist prior to the Grey Cup and formation of the CFL. Just because they entity they played in wasn’t called the CFL or that the trophy they vied for wasn’t called the Grey Cup doesn’t negate their history.

So for you, does Canadian history start on July 1, 1867? Or do you go even further and only count things that happened after March 31, 1949? Do you ignore every other major event (such as New France, the Seven Years’ War, the War of 1812, the Upper and Lower Canadian rebellions, the establishment of responsible government, etc.) because it didn’t occur in the a single entity known as Canada? That which came before shaped what came later. You can’t just disregard what happened prior to 1909 and 1958 any more than you can disregard what came before 1867 and 1949.

Ok, have it your way and your both wrong. Montreal FC was the first football club officially formed in Canada in 1868 and thereby the oldest.


Looks like someone’s got a new toy.