On the Band Wagon to Regina

Any insights on the best deal to get to Greenland from the Hammer? Could be a record tying night!

I flew Westjet out of Toronto to the last game Hamilton played in Taylor Field. I just checked and I don't see that flight anymore.
Flying out of Mount Hope is much longer because of connections and also more expensive. It looks like Air Canada has direct flights out of Pearson.
It is not a long walk from the downtown hotels to Mosaic. If you go be sure to check out the Kent Austin parking lot.

My daughter and family live in Regina. Air Canada from Toronto is best bet... Direct flights, price varies depending in dates, etc. The stadium is really impressive.

Flight Network - which does New Leaf airlines - says they have direct Hamilton/Regina flights. Didn't check dates.

Don't think New Leaf lasted, I think its Flair Airlines now. There is also Swoop, but neither fly to Regina. Air Canada is probably your best bet.

And in the place where KA tied the record. How great could that be.

We're flying into Saskatoon on Wednesday via West Jet and renting a car to drive to Regina on the 5th. We're stopping to tour the Tunnels of Moose Jaw en-route. Yesterday there were Air Canada flights from Regina to Toronto via a stop over in Calgary for $232, landing at Pearson at 2:14pm on Saturday July 7th, 2018.

Hope that you enjoy the Moose Jaw tunnels! Had the opportunity to do the Chinese immigrant tour a few years ago (didn't have time for the Al Capone one) and it was most interesting and eye-opening.