On my way

Just like to say my son and I will be making the trek to Winn. for the Aug 26th game against Ham. Finally after many years I will watch the Bombers play at home. My son is very excited. We picked up the game and flight tickets this morning. It's ironic that it turns out to be Ham., because IWS is where I've seen the Bombers play the most. Can't wait!!!!

Looking forward to it Dan. If you're used to seeing games at IWS, you might wanna bring ear plugs for Canadinns... :wink:

Hopefully, I can find you and kubie for a pop.

PM or text me for the details...

Be glad to meet with you pigseye. I was also hoping Housedog and Sanjay would like to meet and eat some crow, after all, I'm only coming so they'll allow me to have an opinion on the team. :roll:

LOL. . .good one Dan !!

LOL Dan. I hope you have a great time.

Thanks, MadJack and Blue Blood.

Having never been to Manitoba in my life either, I hope you can pull off this summit meeting.

However we haven’t heard from them in a long time. Maybe they were driven off by (da da da dummm) The Click.

Let us know all about it!

I’m intrigued about PIGSEYE too and hope one day I’ll get to see who has this groovy handlename.
The Click: There is a thread about this (Click) in the off topic forum, but posters are avoiding it for some unknown reason.
SS = Secret Society; maybe PIGSEYE can help us find out.

...I can assure you all there is no conspiracy, trust me....honestly, just trust me...

...in all seriousness it is pretty funny these two haven't been around lately...

Of course I trust you RedandWhite......I'm just curious about the "MOD's" and carry on with my research down the Long and Winding Road or the Yellow Brick Road. It's all fantasy mind you :cowboy:


.......that's all I have to say on the subject.

New World Order. I rest my case

Those two probably haven't been around because there is very little to complain about in BomberLand these days !

It was great getting to meet you and your son, Dan. Thanks for the beer and the great company. Glad the Bombers pulled it out for your visit!

You got to see the old park...come back soon to see the new one!


Thank you Kubie. Meeting you and your lovely wife and Bob and his girl was a pleasure.And meeting Pigseye was great, too bad it wasn't a longer visit. In fact the moniker "Friendly Manitoba" is definitely true. Everyone we met was pleasant and friendly. After you left, Bob literally gave me the shirt off his back.He said it was because I'm a true Bomber fan. Next day our flight wasn't until 6pm., so we decided to go to the Bomber store,again, for the player signing. On top of The Swaggerville team we got to meet Reid, Garret, Lobendahn and Green.Back home in Ont., it took us longer to drive from the airport to our house, than it did to fly from Winnipeg to Tor. Overall, the trip was one of the best things I've ever done, and I got to meet Willard Reaves, a really great guy!! I will return.

Just glad that we could help make your trip a little funner Dan.....and what a game too boot. :thup:

Glad to hear you had a great time especially meeting Willard Reaves.

:( That should be 'especially meeting Kubie and Pigseye' LOL!!!