On moving forward (please read, all Cats fans)

You are allowed to disagree with each other.

You are allowed to think that the organization made a mistake in letting a player go. Or that they did the right thing in letting that same player go.

You are NOT allowed to belittle, disrespect, and troll each other for having different opinions.

If you think Masoli is a great player who was given a raw deal, post on.

If you're happy to see the back of Masoli, post on.

But regardless of who you are, let me say this: if any moderator sees you berating someone else for holding a different opinion, your post will be deleted and you will receive a warning, silencing, or suspension.

I am an Als fan. I have no stake in any of these discussions. But this is football, not life and death. Let's all take a breath, relax, and remember that we are all part of the same community of CFL fans.


That all sounds great but how will the mods police all the backhanded insults that fly under the radar to all those except who understand the nuances of the board. That's what really causes the flare-ups.

Then the perpetrators feign innocence. The mods should know who they are from all the complaints.

A lot of good people won't post here anymore. Eventually this forum will be as dead as some of the other team forums on this site.


I guess that would be us. :grimacing:

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All that we ask is the rules to be applied evenly and consistently and not applied because one cries the loudest or most often or on the basis of "I dont like this and no one else should either".


I think the mods have been fairly lenient with the few consistent trolls on here. I don’t ever remember bias by them on any posts you would consider “I don’t like this………”. There’s only a very few who cause the sniping wars on this thread by looking for controversial reactions to their posts. And even if it’s not to the definition of trolling, it’s truly obnoxious but left alone by the mods as no “rule” has been broken.
We’re all fans of this team so should be looking at the positive side of what is happening. I think all the negativity should wait until we actually start playing and then complain about the team play, decisions, coaching, management structure, Bob Young,on and on. This is just MHO :grin:


I get the sentiment but this is just a recycling of " I dont like this. This is trolling. Stop talking about this. You should be talking about this instead".
Complaining over and over again about things you dont like should hold no sway in moderation.


If there are insults, then we will deal with them. And I will say that I have seen insults from both sides of a given disagreement (and have been contacted privately by both sides of that disagreement!).

It's not OK to call someone an idiot, obviously, to disparate their intelligence, OR to imply that they have no right to post because you disagree with their point or because you think we should talk about something else. Similarly, it's not acceptable to jump down someone's throat when they offer an opinion you don't like, just because you've heard it before.

None of us has the right to dictate what should be discussed, unless the thread is clearly going off-topic. If someone wants to post about a particular Cats player in a general team thread, for example, and you're tired of that discussion, simply don't respond to the posts. But that person isn't trolling or violating the forum rules. If you were to report that post, I would not respond.

There is a difference between "this post violates the forum rules" and "I don't like the content of this post or I don't agree with it."


Just to reiterate what @disciplineandpunish said, as long as the conversations remain respectful, you should be good. Treat each other good. Agree to disagree.

If you suspect there's an issue with what someone posted, flag it so a mod or admin can take a look at it. I think you can also add a comment when you flag the post. Failing that, you can also send a mod or admin (me) a PM directly too.

We'll do out best. The rules have been updated and simplified and in most case on enforcement, we'll point out which rule was violated.

Will keep an eye on this.


What Lenny posted above is bang on.

It's not about agreeing or disagreeing. Differing opinions are welcome and can even be informative.

The problem is with the handful of posters who absolutely bombard the forum with obnoxious and controversial posts. They seem to get off in trying to instigate arguments. The occasional annoying post is not a big deal but the sheer volume of this crap on the forum has killed the enjoyment for many.

I've tried blocking them but the feature doesn't work properly. The block/ignore function should make it so that the perpetrator is COMPLETELY invisible. I don't want to scroll through hundreds of posts of blocked garbage. The MODS need to fix this feature if they want a forum with proper decorum.


Hey Crash. How do you enjoy being a stalker?

You ignored me for months now all of sudden you've LIKED my last dozen or so posts about 30 seconds after I upload them.

See MODS this is the kind of trolling and behaviour that's taken over this forum. It's a complete joke in here now.


Was nothing more than an olive branch after @guelphcatsfan suggested people start "liking" posts from people they normally don't agree with.

A simple PM asking me to stop would have also done the trick.

I promise I will no longer like any of your posts.


I tried. Your profile is hidden. There is no Message button.


That's not trolling or stalking! Crash was trying to extend an olive branch. Please take a breath and relax. Nobody is out to get you or anyone else.

Let go of the past. We'll never move forward if everyone is constantly reacting to what happened months ago.


..the only education I got in coding was watching Mr.Robot, and as far as I know none of the other mods are versed in rewriting proprietary software, so your request is heard but I don’t think we’re gonna be able to do anything about it…

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That's unfortunate. Other forum platforms that I visit render the unwelcome posters as completely invisible. It's like they don't even exist. That would fix a hell of a lot of problems around here.

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…seems to be the way of the world now: I don’t like you so you are cancelled, forever struck from my view…

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Actually I think it's more like "I don't like you so everybody needs to cancel you and forever be struck from everybody's view."


I'll check with Discourse (the people who make this software) and will find out how one would do that. I'll will follow up on that.

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Maybe you don't come on the TC forum that much. It's not about opposing views. They are welcome. It's about blocking trolls who post crap to instigate arguments.

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Thank you K-Max. :+1: