on-line store

So... for 2 years now, I have ordered thins via the on-line store.Service was great,shipping was fast...nough said.
Where are all the new products for those who do not live in Hamilton? I phone the store at centre mall (the guy doesnt work there anymore..new staff) and am told they just opened a new store and the on-line will be up sometime in july????

Ok...my beef....season has started.Dont you think the Ticats being the marketing gurus that they are, would have had this up and running by now? After all,I have been told the new products are in (at the stores that is)
come on get it together !!!!

Dont wanna shop somewhere else,but whoever is in charge doesnt seem to bothered by this

A disgruntled shopper

Ya'll have a good year now

Go the the cflshop.ca store. I made a post about this the other day, and it seems as if cflshop.ca is the only place you can get the new merchandise.